Browns vs. Jets Hype Video (Week 2) | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jayce Hilverding

Let’s go browns

rk 4391

Trust is a little shaken. πŸ˜’
Better play this next game like adults.

John Smith

Just win, I’m sick of tough talk and hype.

Tevin Prejean

Let’s get this win tonite dawgs 🐢

    Robert Bamza


Morgan Yu

“Hey, no fear! _Cut it loose!”_ — Tom Brady. Behind against the Falcons. Super Bowl LI

Seems like decent advice.βœŒπŸ˜„

Cowboys Nation

Good luck y’all! Beat dem jets!

Richmond king

Don’t run towards penalties how about that.


    18 seems like the game was fixed outside perspective just saying


Baker is just a straight boss when he talks to the press

Drew4Two Gaming

Remember Baker Mayfield you said you woke up feeling dangerous

John H

Set your watches πŸ˜…

Jay C

The browns have good odds here. All they got do is not draw 18 penalties and they got a good shot at a win


    That game was rigged lol

Brian Kay

The 1st Monday Night Football game was… guess who? You got it! And who won that game? You got it. Remember, “If you ain’t for the Browns you ain’t for Sh*t. “

Gabriel - Content Writer

They better get this win. The next 3 games are against the Rams, Ravens, and 49ers. Go Brownies!


    49ers they can do.

Joshua Vandemark

Feed Chubb early and let the passing game develop… Dawg Pound Baby!! Go BROWNS!! 🏈🏈


My ravens are 2-0 and the steelers just lost Ben. You guys need to win this game

Dennis Mueller

With Those Primaballerinas in their shotgun they’ll win nothing

John Adams

Not buying into the hype and talk….I’ll believe it when I see it…big ben is out for the season and the Steelers will still beat us…prove me wrong Cleveland browns

Jason Seynour

If they just play smart they will win. The talent will show. Stop trying to do everything at once

Julianne Demse-Manly

We won by 20!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

Hobo Bob

Great game tonight! We got one on the books! Let’s keep it humble and work hard. They had 3rd string quarterback. We have new injuries. Next week and the few to follow are hard games! GO BROWNS!!!!

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