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K. Powers

Eric Ebron chugging his own Kool-Aid

    Alonzo Armstead


    Ben Scott

    Browns be like, thanks for that 1st round TE Lions 🤣

    BernMan Films

    @Ben Scott Colts*

Luke Moloney

Browns fans re: MACK WILSON ILB. Will make amazing plays one series that make you think he’s the next Ray Lewis and then the next series he won’t get off blocks or he’ll miss routine tackles. For his and your sake I wish him well. Roll Tide!

    The Trucking Fish

    He’s a rookie. Consistency is something most rookies lack

Jarvis Family

Once again – the Browns are…

The Kings Of Pre-Season!!!!!

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    The quarterbacks all looked great but the best arms of the night definitely belonged to the refs with how they slung the flags.

    CK 777

    @Drew4Two Gaming 8-8

    david the real thomas

    @DJ JDB hey at least your owner isn’t Dan Snyder

    DJ JDB

    @david the real thomas: LOL.

    Mr McNada

    @david the real thomas At Least Your Owner Isn’t Zygi Wilf, He Has Less Rings Than Saturn Does

Jarvis Family

Who was the punter at about 8:05 in the first quarter? He made the kick from his own five yard line, and the ball was downed at the Colts 9. Wow…

    kenneth troutman

    @Daddy SmokesYams oh yeah when u type any time it will stamp lol. Careful reading next time

    Robert Janko

    plus the was spinning so much, the Colts really couldnt handle it. He can nail a team to the 10yrd line from any point of the field! I hope he makes the training group!

    Danny Irish

    @Daddy SmokesYams the bounce counts as part of the punt bro. Not sure If you are aware of that.

    MoB Wader

    Scottish hammer

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    The quarterbacks all looked great but the best arms of the night definitely belonged to the refs with how they slung the flags.

Fred Monti

The quarterbacks all looked great but the best arms of the night definitely belonged to the refs with how they slung the flags.

    Daniel Mocsny

    “Football officials are commonly, but incorrectly, referred to collectively as referees, but each position has specific duties and a specific name: referee, umpire, head linesman (or down judge), line judge, back judge, side judge, center judge (used only in NCAA Division I college football and in the AAF during its’ single season) and field judge. Because the referee is responsible for the general supervision of the game, the position is sometimes referred to as head referee or crew chief.”

    Shaunte Jackson


    Adam Rittenhouse

    some real gunslingers out there at ref

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    How is this dude getting paid for commentary? He only says “woah” and “nice job” after big plays.

Dewitt McDidditt


    john-carlos ynostroza

    Look, yes, he did. You know what, I am not a baker lover but I will tell you what… Baker is so confident and so competitive and so talented that it is spread to the other quarterbacks. Do the other guys. When guys are consistently making great plays and practice and in games it just, sometimes, it becomes what a team does. I play Division 1 college football and saw that happen once in a while. I also play baseball I level and when you had a guy or maybe two on your team that were just making spectacular plays one after the other, hitting the ball hard, diving catches, crazy throws from Deep Outfield oh, it just became part of the culture. I honestly think that Baker, aside from his immature antics, is something special in this way. He gets guys excited. I’m not a Browns fan either but I really want this team to do well because they have so many dudes that are awesome to watch.


    Only Baker can wake up feeling dangerous but this kid woke up fealing ready to play…Go Browns!

    Isaiah Jones

    @risky fap been saying he would transition well. Mainly because he will be more likely to stand in on a hit because of the way penalty worked in the AAF and hes shown that multiple times in both preseason games

    layne anderson

    That would be ” Dan9erous”

Jordon With an O

Fantasy leagues are going to have to start including stats on refs if they keep throwing that many flags each game


    Jordon With an O 8:00 I can not stop laughing


    Just a normal part of Preseason, that’s all. Don’t you think?

Sai__ K

7:58 had me laughing so hard

    Austin Reiner

    Dark Souls instinct kicked in.


    Frl I was like wat is that😂😂

    Derek Jones

    @Nick Gritz LMAO

    Simeon Okonta-Wariso

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m deeaaadd




*Isn’t Gilbert their third stringer? If so, he definitely deserves to be the backup at this point.*

    Vagina Crusher

    Timothy Clark well no

    Vagina Crusher

    D.A.Y he’s been in this league for a minute

    Nick 2324

    D.A.Y hell yeah he’s WAYYYYYY better than Drew Stanton but they love to suck Drew’s meat for some odd reason. Even David Blough is better than Stanton


    Dude was like the best QB in the AAF

    Geri Kucinski

    D.A.Y The Browns deliberately kept their first and second string quarterbacks on the bench so they could take a closer look at their third string options. A number of their other first string players sat it out for similar reasons.


Ebron couldn’t catch ____ in Detroit. Now he makes fingertip grabs in the end zone.

    Jamel Ramseur

    That’s because Detroit is a joke

    Lawrence Smith

    Plus last year he did his thang fo show keep going don’t get discouraged

    Colts fan4 Life

    Detroit is the real skidmarks of the nfl

    Aries Anderson

    Colts fan4 Life the place where they forced Barry and calvin to retire while in their prime

    Deon Nancis

    Please refer to urinating tree’s newest video

The Bus Driver

Looks like NFL knows the YouTube algorithm of 10 minutes



    Davo Migo

    Yup so you can put more ads and more money


    Davo Migo nah bro if your vid is over ten minutes it gets promoted far more


7:58 the way that man rolled though

Anuar Karim Fonseca Omaña

Browns looking hot…

The kicker tho 🙁

Adriel Hernandez

7:57 is the best moment of this video plus one of the announcers made it better😂😂 y’all will thank me later

    Steven Conrad

    Oh no😭😭

    Robert Mclaughlin

    Great flops

Hell Raizah

that boy Johnson #30 for the browns a dawggg!! look forward to seeing more of him this season

Anthony Wolf

How is this dude getting paid for commentary? He only says “woah” and “nice job” after big plays.


    He also kept saying “we” when referring to the colts lmao


    100% biased too

    Taft Gardner

    @RadarDash What do you (or others) expect? This is from the Colts telecast. I doubt Mr. Venturi will get a regional fill-in assignment during the regular season.


Bro the way #5 flopped twice! I’m dead


Colts have a backup plan a, b, and c with the qb position

Angel Sanchez

They lowkey got a fan to commentate the game 😂

Leroy Xiong

It seems like Garret Gilbert is better then Drew Staton and none of my favorite starters played it, only the 2n and 3rd linemen still win it well done go Browns

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