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Peyton Daily

Cleveland got so many sacks lol

    LordDragul Smitty

    Makes you think madden 20 giving Garret 7 sacks in a game is not crazy lol


    Should have asked the Browns if they wanted paper or plastic. XD

    Jon Davis

    Peyton Daily
    They have talent

    Sternley Swish

    Still a lost.


    I lost count after 6.


Bucs couldn’t block the Browns. Jameis had no time to throw or breath lol.

    Clown Shoes MMA

    Calvin That’s not true. It only appears that way because Winston is so panicked in the pocket. He’s looking to escape instead of looking to throw. The pocket collapses so damn fast so every 10th of a second is crucial. The other QBs were relaxed and looked to pass instead of being in terror so it appeared they had more time.
    If Winston could calm down he has all the potential to be a game changing QB. I don’t see it happening tho. Shoulda already happened if it was going to

    Tim Kuntz

    @MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million I agree. To me, he’s a prime example of a Big School College Qb that looked better that he was as a result of being surrounded by good players & playing teams like Northeastern.

    Tim Kuntz

    Brownies Offense has overshadowed to the D. I don’t see 1 QB this season taken less than 2 sacks. Imagine how that pass rush will allow the DB’s to jump route’s for picks. My main concern…Browns had a top 5 worst tackling D last yr, & I’m pretty sure Shoebert led the league in missed tackles. Teams with a good run game might present problems.

    Tim Kuntz

    @Slim 803 Lmao…I realize it’s only preseason, but the score was 9-0 at the half. Regardless, Peyton Manning/Colts went 0-4 in preseason & went on to win the Superbowl in the same season. Tune in week 1 bro.

    Tamara King

    @Clown Shoes MMA Perfectly said! 👌

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Our offensive line allowed 5 sacks in the first quarter, let that sink in.

    RAF Simmons

    Lol this thread is literally filled with Super Bowl 51

    Scot Gray

    Yeah that five sacks was not good

    SkullTag Films

    Against one of the best front 7s in football, let’s keep it in perspective. They will look better when the season starts, they aren’t going 100% right now


Tampa desperately needs to fix that o-line

    Jon Davis

    He’s very inconsistent he plays the same way he did in FSU but college wasn’t good enough to expose that the NFL is


    @Jon Davis I think jameis Winston is good enough to win us games, yeah he turns the ball over to much but when he isn’t turning the ball over he is great, he isn’t the reason Tampa loses games . Tampas defense is one of the 3 worst in the NFL and jameis Winston has proven he can put up big numbers

    Chris Jericho

    @zVizzions he sucks he is a very Disappointing #1 overall pick


    @Chris Jericho I disagree

    Jon Davis

    Welp we shall see

Tampa Supreme 813

Donvon Smith stole money from the bucs. Hes big for nothing

    Patrick Bartley

    Call thd cops.


    911 operator: what’s your emergency?

    Me: Donovan Smith has robbed the Bucs of Millions.

    911 operator: 😂…..

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Our offensive line plays like a highscool football team😂

    James McMillan

    But Winston played like Pop Warner

    James McMillan

    @Rian An it’s not the same O-line there was a different set for each half. But Griffin did show what you want in a quarterback for starving franchise.

    James McMillan

    @GUNZ UP MUSIC Despite the O-line. We are still seeing the same problems out of Winston as well. But you can see it know he’s playing like his head is on the chopping block. If he plays too conservative. Sure no interceptions or fumbles. But also no stats. Our O-line has been a problem for years. And Tampa bay area is starving for a change. If Winston plays the first couple of games. He better show that he’s ready to make something happen. Cause if he doesn’t Tampa will cut him.


    Rian An

    Because one it is in the same O-line, and two is not going against the same defense

    MattBroncos 97

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos why do you cheer for them then

American Sports Fan

The two teams with the longest playoff droughts. Hopefully they both end them.


    @Amanda Sivereread the original comment

    Franswair Heard

    @Amanda Sive Bucs beat the Raiders in 01 SMDH

    Raider AL916

    I agree. A great match-up. Bucs just need an OL. D wasn’t lookin too bad…

    Tobsi XI

    @Franswair Heard nope 2003

    Franswair Heard

    @Tobsi XI my bad just looked it up… Damn thought that was 01 SMDH


Only the Browns would make things difficult for themselves just to test the kicker and the punter. But to be fair Seibert made all of them.

    Van Jaylon

    Is that rlly the excuse? They scored poorly to test the kicker and punter? Lmao


    @Van Jaylon FR! LMAO. I was like wtf? Really dude? Browns couldn’t beat Tampa 😂

    david sanders

    @D.A.Y he punted in the 3rd and took the legs out of the punt returner, for the tackle. Not sure why they didn’t show it


    You might be onto something

    goog le

    that Georgia game kick was blocked. That wasnt Seiberts fault. O line let him down.

the vault dweller

4:00 Odell and Landry really elevating higgins


    Better chill somebody gonna say “ oVeRhYpeD “ or another “ all this to go 7-9 “ comment like a true lame

    The Truth

    Odell getting the hell outta there Next year if Baker performs like this during the season

    AJ D

    Baker made a few really good throws all dropped… offensive line played poorly, and the quality of backup receivers ain’t the best. Higgins is good, Willie’s is not

    Christian Charles

    Browns have receivers and Njoku is tight. He should be a receiver. Landry, Beckham, Callaway, Higgins, Willie’s,Strong, Miller.


    Christian Charles I’d say DJ Montgomery instead of Willies

Aries Anderson

That o line just got hit with a tactical nuke
Well bout to bench Jamie Winston for now 19.05 fantasy points .

    Debbie Ayers

    Aries Anderson why’d you pick him up in the first place 😂

    Aries Anderson

    Debbie Ayers I missed draft night so next morning I looked on my phone every good qb was taken so I had no choice . I got Andrew luck but his health concerns me

That Shadow Siren

I swear Bruce is gonna send all of our starting O-Line to the Vipers at this rate.




    everyone but marpet

    Myles Garrett

    Dude Ali Marpet is the only one I see blocking DONOVAN SMITH IS TRAAAASH


These Cleveland receivers really let Baker down. (If you watched the game)Thank god they have Odell, Jarvis, and Njoku in the regular season.

    James Carheel

    I hate how u already evaluated Odell as good when he’s on a new lol stfu. you don’t how he’s gonna turn out with this new offense. No disrespect to Odell tho.

    D Man

    @john smith just have to see how their defense really reacts to ALL the browns starters. That will still be a defensive coordinator’s nightmare…


    @Jason Wilson yeah right


    Not a Browns fan, but I cannot wait until haters end up disappointed when that Browns D-line destroys Mariota


    They dropped passes on purpose, so we could test the kicker.

branden8045 theultramangofighter

Joe schobert and mack Wilson together is a dangerous combo

    Quinn Reed

    branden8045 theultramangofighter i leary’s play as shobert in m20 he’s a beast sack after sack after sack

Dark Demonik

Bucs dropped 3 ints against Baker

    Dark Demonik

    @Zap Rowsdower should I highlight them? Baker fanboy?

    aaron afre

    Bakers receivers dropped 3 touchdowns

    aaron afre

    @Dark Demonik they dropped one and it was outta bounds Jack

    Dark Demonik

    @aaron afre at least you did not debate the INTs which proves my point thank you Sally 😁👌

Zach Drehmann

Secondary is better. O line is still bad. Winston isnt scrambling and throwing ball back into coverage. I guess its improvement


Why tf did they let Winston take so many hits in a preseason game…


    Lol they want him to get hurt its so obvious they cant block but for griffin he back there throwing dimes crazy

    Carl Clark

    @ItsSlowww uh hes playong against 3s and people wont be on a 55 ofc he can lol hes an nfl qb he should

    Willie Johnson

    @Carl Clark : He played against 1st string defense for the time he was in. Miles played a series and came out. But other than that he was playing 1st stringers

Mystic Gecko2

I came here to see baker thrown an interception. I didn’t see that highlight. Something fishy is going on.

    Mystic Gecko2

    Eddie M Thank you for finding it.

    derd 420

    it should be in here but it was at the very end of the first half, wasn’t too significant.


    It was the last play of the half, he was just going for it to see what happened, it didn’t really matter, extremely insignificant and wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the particular situation.

    wayne merritt

    he threw it at the end of the 2nd quarter – as time ran out – a semi hail mary – no biggie

    Willie Johnson

    I said the same thing. Go to comment sections on several sites talking about the game. Crickets on the interception. If Winston had thrown an interception you better believe it would have made the highlights. And before we get all the fans talking about how Winston is an interception machine he and Mayfield threw the same amount of interceptions last year, 14.

Greg Gatsby

The Browns didn’t miss any FGs. That’s a huge improvement with kicking.


    Jason Wilson cause your o line stank that game up. Probably why baker was bad as well


    The Bears should be worry about that this season, lol

    goog le

    hes an awesome kicker – OU’s leading scorer of all time


    ReeceKFN No, I watched the game, and the receivers kept dropping a ton of good throws. Wasn’t *entirely* the O-line’s fault.


    I think Seibert earned the spot last night.

BlackchoPPer 23

Tampas backup qb was throwing dots across the field . Hopefully he gets to play more

    J. Phillips Media, LLC


    Tamara King

    Hopefully, he starts!! Lol.

    Nelson Silva De Jesus

    He should be a starter QB


    Give #4 Ryan Griffin a chance!

    Broken King

    Just trade Jameis already. Your sh!thole city doesnt deserve Top Talent, nor any hope.

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