Browns set to face first divisional rival of 2019 | Browns 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jonathan Smith

Browns win 23-17


    Huh lol do you watch football?

    Jonathan Smith

    @jimb Do YoU eVeN fOoTbAlL bRo

3rd Eye Funk Nation

Who our we Coach!!! Brown & Orange!!!

    Michael Hammerly

    dude grammar.

Neil Smith

If Mark Andrews and Marlon Humphrey are out I got Browns 24 to 10. If they play I got Browns 24 to 20

Bee R

Come on Freddie!!!!!


I think everyone who has played the chiefs this year ranks low in pass defense. That’s a misleading stat.

    Michael Fraser

    idk i think cause Kyler threw 350 yards made them look bad, although he struggled in the red zone

D Flatt

1 – 3

Mel Bea

Baker : Stop the fade-away jumpers. Dunk!!

Braxton Hernandez

Baker is the only QB that starts at 1-10…….. runs backwards, gets sacked, starts 2-20😂😂

Rase -iwnl-

What if browns win? And go 2-2

    Benjamin Turek

    What if they lose and go 1 and 3

F6 Syndrome

building the browns next episode??

Oui Bay

Ravens romp 33-13

    Timothy Martin

    You funny 😂 haha

Dave Dreams

Zegura Love your work!!

Ronald Goldman

Browns 24 Ravens 21 Browns 2-2

The Randy Tomato

I watched the end of the Ravens last game… Lamar threw 2 balls straight to DBs in the 4th quarter, both were intercepted… by his receiver. Box scores are dodgy AF.

Michael J

I predict Jackson’s interception record will be stopped in it’s tracks this weekend. Let’s see if The Browns can get their offense going.


So, your saying if the passing-game can’t get it together this week “this is it”.

Arnold Davis

This will be a test step up brownies


Ravens by 2 scores!!

Bill Blass

Lamar Jackson vs Baker Mayfield 2 times a season, barring any trades. Rivalry for years to come!

Jefferson Torres Sr.

Aaaron Rogers had a pick this week. Streak over?

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