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Browns Live: Training Camp Day 9

Airing on the Browns' website, Mobile App, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook pages, "Browns Live: Training Camp Edition" will be hosted by Nathan Zegura and Browns Alumnus WR/KR Josh Cribbs. The duo will break down everything that occurs on the Berea practice fields in real time as the Browns prepare for the 2020 season, as well as conduct interviews with special Browns guests each day.


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dj manning Reply


Andrew Blackman Reply

Low key might root for the browns and bengals this year

Alex Rucker Reply

They look sloppy

Joseph R Reply

Baker getting picked off by an average secondary. Lol just another day

philsalvage Reply

Baker took a knee today?

Bryce Reed Reply

Rip Delpits rookie season but we took the risk

    Lonnie Turner Reply

    ? What risk? He was supposed to be a first round pick we traded back in the draft and still got him there was zero risk.

    Bryce Reed Reply

    Lonnie Turner still a second round pick could’ve gotten a slightly less talented player with no injury risks

Joseph Richards Reply

It sounds like Baker is having the same problem of throwing high

Mark Henry Reply

Hot take: Mayfield will lose the starting position by the end of the season

Rob Hill Reply

Vernon needs a big jump

Matt White Reply

Maybe we can compete for Trevor Lawrence or whatever this season.

Rusty Spence Reply

these practices are awesome to watch. thanks nate and cribbs

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