Browns Face Another Tough Test vs. Seahawks | Browns 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Browns Face Another Tough Test vs. Seahawks | Browns 2 Minute Drill

Nathan Zegura breaks down the Browns week 6 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks and how they can bounce back after Monday night's loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

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HonestReviews Reply

Please play better

    ThePlushKing Reply


    Rase -iwnl- Reply

    They do better after losses lets hope for the best and expect the worst

Maurandis Da Radus Films Reply

We got Ward & Greedy back…Man, what a breath of fresh air.

    Maurandis Da Radus Films Reply

    @James Isidore we only about to play game 6 🤦🏽‍♂️

    James Isidore Reply

    Maurandis Da Radus Films I get what you say bro. All I’m saying is that Ward was getting played with by scrubs when he was supposed to be our shut down corner. So I wouldn’t be overly happy if I was you. Our main problem is play calling. Freddie tries to score the home run play way too much.

    Mel Turnboo Reply

    I’m a niner fan and I know all about the Seahawks and we beat them last year because they dont play on the road and u run the ball game over!! We had are 3rd year qb and we had no pass rush but still had 3 sacks now their not as good anymore and barley beat the Bengals should of lost agianst the rams and steelers should of beat them but they screwed up like the Bengals!! We blew teams away and the Steelers game them 5 turnovers and still one!!!

    Mel Turnboo Reply

    They have no offensive line and Russell Wilson u have a spy on him game over!! U browns have alot of speed and will win mark my word!! We are going up agianst the browns we’re banged up but Shanahan is a wizard at going agianst ur strengths and weaknesses!! U never know maybe we get to play in the final game and the browns are that good !!!

    Moneynvrsleeps Reply

    Yeah, because rusty, over hyped players with hammie issues will help tremendously, AT BOTH CORNERS,LOL

Killer Shott3 Reply

Make him stay in the pocket and he getting sacked

Rob M Reply

We need to work on our Offensive line.

    zcrawford81 Reply

    The offensive line hasn’t been the problem. They’ve got issues, sure. But the real problem has been Baker not trusting the line and getting himself into bad situations that were otherwise avoidable.

    Rase -iwnl- Reply

    Exactly Crawford couldn’t have said it better👌

    Ton Sports Reply

    zcrawford81 disagree

    zcrawford81 Reply

    @Ton Sports I mean, statistically it’s undeniable. They’re 7th in pass block win rate and abysmal in pressure rate, which is a QB stat not a line stat. Baker holds the ball too long, allows pressure to get to him, and often rolls in to pressure creating a problem when there wasn’t one.

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

Pray to lord for the beating your about to revive

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

    and maybe your man titss will shrink

    Tai Reply

    Of course it’s a bengals fan😂

jim draper Reply

Baker get your head out of the JUG.

jim draper Reply

Baker stay off the sweets

    Michael Fraser Reply

    Watch the QB schools most recent video, its on Baker, its not his fault

Tiffany Phipps Reply

Go Browns

Leroy Xiong Reply

3 things Cleveland Browns needs to win Seahawks
1. Offense and defense must play full potential in highest level
2. No turnovers balls for Seahawks scores and too many penalties
3. Cleveland Browns must score 40 points or more far ahead for Seahawks to catch up

browns1ism Reply

Things that will happen to CLE Sunday 1. Look clueless on Sunday,like they always do. 2.They will get punked by the Seattle defense.3. The CLE QB. Will run right for no reason when feeling imaginary pressure.4. The offensive line will get punked by the Seattle defensive ends the CLE tackles are absolute trash. 5. Team will continue to disappoint a fan base that just want to win . 6 Coach will put together a ineffective game plan that will not take advantage of nick chub. Good luck to this dumpster fire.

freisian draugr Reply

I believe in the browns and Baker.

D Flatt Reply

Gonna be another long day.

franfran tower Reply

We are expecting the Browns success with ansiety! From México love & strong Browns!

Guillermo S. Novillo Reply

Seahawks fina clap you

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