#BroncosCamp Daily Recap: Lock, offense surge late during competitive practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Rednec joe Reply


Romero Clayton Reply

Broncos 👍👀

Brent Baldwin Reply

You don’t know what “He’s the real monster,” refers to??? Come on Phil, get with the program.

    P TR Reply

    Listen to the interview dude.

    Michael Crabtree Reply

    Hes a beast….thats what a real monster is.

Chad Jensen Reply

The Broncos media is a bunch of uninspiring scrubs…Milani? Boring….Dalila? milqtoast…Sidney Jones? As professional as a sophomore in college, which is to say amateur act

    Lilium Reply

    Then dont watch dude. Problem solved

    Shake Reply

    You went too far when you mentioned Sidney 😡

    Michael Chap Reply

    Who cares they told you the info stop being upset because you can’t watch football yet and wait like the rest of us

    Andrew A Reply

    Sydney is the bomb!!

    マコちゃん Reply

    You really are such a Chad, huh?


You mean be back to practice on Thursday??? NOT TUESDAY 😂

Jeremy Hazard Reply

Dude? I just can’t stand these “reporters”, just awful

    Stupid Honky Face Reply

    I’ll do it. Where do I apply?

Bobby Parks Reply

Everyday I’m hearing from these people and others that drew lock isn’t doing so good with the offense.
Either lock is going to be horrible, or our defense is going to destroy teams . But when they say everyday that lock is over throwing people it’s a huge concern .

    StrayCO 303720 Reply

    I’ve only heard that about Lock 2 or 3 times at most. I’ve heard way more good things about him so far this training camp. The offense is learning a new system while the defense is in its 2nd year of their system. We better be hearing they are more dominant at this point or I would be concerned.

Coston Gaming Reply

Take the L denver

Jesse Mermella Reply

I think broncos should go back to the basic zone running especially this covid year and do less passing .. a dominate running game will equal at least 10 wins

    Aaron Humphrey Reply

    Err…Shurmur uses a lot of zone blocking in his run game.

Michael Crabtree Reply

Thats what we like to see…competitiveness on both sides…who wants to win more…are u giving it your all to help your team…great job guys!!!

Aaron Humphrey Reply

This is the first time I’ve been excited for a Broncos offense since 2014…

Jason Reply

The best trash talker ever was Shannon Sharpe, Go Broncos!!

Josh Ahlstrom Reply

Albert O plus Noah Fant will be our Rob Gronkowsi and Aaron Hernandez…without the murder, I hope 🤞

Andy Martinez Reply

Phil’s last part cracked me up idk why 😂😂

Dave Logan Reply

Go Sydney…🎠

    Richard Pasha Reply

    Love listening to you Dave! Occasionally when I have to miss a TV broadcast of my beloved Broncos, I don’t miss a beat with your play by play on the radio.

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