#BroncosCamp Daily Recap: How Drew Lock’s leadership inspires Jerry Jeudy – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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GamerGuys6430 Madi Gavin Reply


    Bobby Parks Reply

    At the gay club 🤣

    Funni Bunni Reply


Mohomad Mclovin Reply


Error-192837465 _________________ Reply

We need a new qb Joe Flacco ain’t it

    Shake Reply


    MeGusta Bacon Reply

    Error-192837465 _________________ i think that lock kid could be decent

    Error-192837465 _________________ Reply

    @MeGusta Bacon no he socks hes Joe flavor 2.0

    ONCE upon a time Reply


    Scott Flipiak Reply

    No, No !!! Baltimore’s Defense Won that SB, not Joe. I’d rather have Lynch, Simian, or Brock, than Joey !!!!!

マコちゃん Reply

Too many injuries.

    Mr. Productions Reply


    Scott Flipiak Reply

    That was Last Season,
    You know Head Coach Vic Fangio’s 1st Season as Head Coach !!!!

    AbsmrItryhard Reply

    Scott Flipiak he’s not wrong we’ve been hit with a lot of injuries

OrangeAzzClown Reply

This young team is gonna be beastly next several years!
AFC gonna be surprised when the Broncos keep on rollin’
💙🧡Go Broncos🧡💙

Glenn McKnight Reply

Lets get it #BroncosNation 🙏🏽💯🔥🔥

AdmiralTwitchy Reply

Man they need new audio equipment

eskayel Reply

Soooo happy dumb dumb raiders chose Ruggs and not him, He’s the total package as a receiver

    Ernesto Uribe Reply

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza you’re crazy if you think that. Ruggs is a better version of Desean Jackson. Runs great routes with better hands and is more physical going across the middle. I like Jeudy more than Ruggs but y’all are talking like Ruggs is not an elite receiver which he is. That’s all I’m saying

    Quentin Reply

    @Ernesto Uribe I never said the raiders were dumb wdym

    Quentin Reply

    @Ernesto Uribe look again

    Ernesto Uribe Reply

    Quentin not you

    eskayel Reply

    Ernesto Uribe Raiders are dumb! Dumb for trading away Cooper and especially Mack truck! I feared the Mack when Denver played them now I don’t have to worry 😂 And if they kept Cooper and added Ruggs then that would’ve been a different story. But losing Mack was a wtf were they thinking kinda move in my opinion.

bvbxiong Reply

i’m just glad Sydney is around cause it’s a damn ugly sausage fest without her.

Marcos Gallardo Reply

Dammm we suck

Nuka Prix Reply

Eleven 🐎 s out because of injuries ?!

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