Broncos vs. Seahawks Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jazz Ferguson lookin nice out there

    Shinobi Kenobi

    @HOFxBoards Lynch was looking real nice too he could develop into a solid QB. Good to see guys like Ferguson, Terry Wright and Scarbrough too, Metcalf and Carson gon have some help in those skill positions


    @Shinobi Kenobi bo got injured sadly

    aidan parsons

    Jazz hands 😎😎

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

claw master

Man the Hawks defense was great but all those flags slowed the game down so much I swear like 20 or so

    Elias Perdomo

    claw master 29

    Springy Sloth11

    I agree. There was a fan behind me who yelled his lungs out every time there was a flag.

    Ryan Loy

    @Elias Perdomo 15 flags on the hawks

    Eddi PL

    It’s pre season, it’s normal

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Aaron Gibb

Can we all just appreciate 2:35 for a second? Everyone thought he had the ball…

    Kobe Is The Goat

    Aaron Gibb not me

    Brass Boy

    The tv people thought he had it

    Aaron Gibb

    Thanks for the likes ❤️

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Ivan Cuevas

My first game in the stadium. Go Hawks!


    Ivan Cuevas yeah go hawks!


    I was at the chiefs game last year

    Chris S

    I know how you feel. My first Seahawks game was a preseason. It was Lockett’s first game. Go Hawks!

    Ricky Vasquez

    Ivan Cuevas awesome mine will be a giant the raiders! Go hawks

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

crnlsnts 4

Too many flags throwing good game though and Deshawn Shead welcome back.

    D R A C O

    Im positive he will make it

    Dixon Cider

    crnlsnts 4 yeh u like that hit that was called for a penalty

    Benjamin Farias

    Welcome back. Here’s a safety.

    Darth Maul

    Yea shead is a play maker, game changer, hell raiser !

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Chris Munoz

Tbh the refs threw for more yrds this game lol

    Tristian Mason

    Chris Munoz lmaoo

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

The sport Show

John Ursua moves like Doug Baldwin.

    Billy Snots

    Don’t compare Doug to anyone, DOUG IS TIMELESS


    he’s gonna be a hall of famer one day

    The sport Show

    Billy Snots what I’m saying is I think ursua is a good player to replace Doug Baldwin.

    Darth Maul

    Yeah reminds me of kearse and tate also

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

DavidKristal MaderoPerez

Wow I’m impressed with lynchs performance tonight!
Go Hawks!


    Hes a bust. Always was


    DavidKristal MaderoPerez He definitely should be Russ’s #1 backup


    @Directly Can’t call someone a bust before their career is over he still has a solid 7-10 years left.

    jon snow

    It only took him 4 years to have a good performance

    19hundo c

    So were the Broncos, until he played against a 1st string defense

Simon says:

I think Pete Carroll really knows how to use Paxton Lynch! Dude was balling out! #InYourFaceElway!

    Dammien Woolsey

    Paxton was a starter and was playing against the 3rd string defense

    Big Pimpin’ TV

    Jack-Madden Overdrive no he didn’t lmao

    19hundo c

    @Joshua Scott GG, your new gumby QB beat a 4th string defense

Russel Morrison

Ursua’s moves and catching looks like Baldwin

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    And he was wearing the right number lol

    Jesus Ponce

    Its amazing!


    He’s got Baldwin’s rookie number too

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣


    Ursua could be a huge steal 4 the hawks.

M Ghan Ismail

wow paxton lynch really shows his glare….the best backup QB for hawks…

    Caleb Bossert

    Playing against 3rd and 4th stringers plus he had a motive to beat his old team

    Josh Jacobs

    Kyle Sloter did the same thing

    dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    @Ash edit this so it is readable damn.


    When Paxton chills at home playing video games instead of studying or working out and then performs horribly for years, the fans and people around him won’t be too friendly.

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

keale osullivan

Bruh Paxton Lynch looks like a god damm tight end, not a QB… LOL


    keale osullivan The guy is 6’7 😪🤷🏽‍♂️


    keale osullivan a tall qjb is good

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Stan ezen

Lynch was having the time of his life lmao I love it


    The Blend Warrior he was playing against a bunch of 4th string players if he wasn’t playing good they’d just cut him immediately

    Cheap ClickBait

    @JVAGaming what does that have to do with him enjoying himself


    This comment is under rated 😂😂

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Sadboi Senpai

anyone else double check their quality setting….

Seisman 75

rooting for Fergurson, would really love to see him and Metcalf as Seahawks future X and Y with Lockett.

    Gump Boi 22

    Over Urusua and Jennings absolutely not

    Matt Buehler

    Youngboy Twan I look for that to happen later this season, but remember are line backer lineup is sick with Wagner wright calitro and Mingo


    @Matt Buehler I really hope Moore gets some opportunity this year, I think the guy has crazy high potential

    Matt Buehler

    Penrose he really does especially deep bombs if you look back to seahawks vs panthers last season he was a big offensive boost

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Dylan Danner

of course they would cut out the insane blair hit from making the highlights😂😂


    Right what a beautiful boom stick !

    Bobby Marr

    I hate that that’s a penalty. If you don’t want a receiver taking defenseless hits don’t throw the ball to them in those situations. It’s ridiculous to penalize the safety for the qb trying to get his player killed.

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣


I ran against Khalfani Muhammed in track back when I was in high school. Dude was the best sprinter in California. It’s crazy to now see him in the NFL!


I was thinking Smith was gonna get spot before today. Now Lynch all the way!!! Besides Name looks great on a Hawk Jersey again!!!!

Kevin Vreeken

Marquise Blair bringing that boom back

    Jesus Ponce

    The new punisher

    Juan Cortez Muro

    These Fails🤣

Torrential Coch

This preseason games highlights were better than the superbowl.

Edit:last years sb. Not to confuse it with the sea v den sb

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