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    Justin Erickson

    It’s pre season bro. The losing streak didn’t matter

Escocivo 30

Both Defenses looked sharp

    Damon Self

    Escocivo 30 well the rams did have Mr “I can’t throw more than 25 yards”
    To help them look better😂 but yes the run defenses looked good

Shortest SB Champion QB

Colt fans really booed Andrew Luck at the stadium when his retirement was announced smh

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kwilson Eyes

If Flacco goes down we are screwed

    david the real thomas

    @kwilson Eyes the thing is, how us lock going to be developed under an old career defensive coordinator ( vic fangio)

    kwilson Eyes

    @david the real thomas well theres these things called offensive coordinators and qb coaches

    Mr. Bondhus2You

    I’d say we’re screwed from the start.. everybody seems to think our d will be great, but we have zero depth, zero interior line play, and zero quality linebacker play. Our starters can’t carry it alone the whole season


    Other than his first preseason game Drew has been decent.

    kwilson Eyes

    @payday64 thank you! And even in that first game he made some good reads on the deep ball, just didnt connect. That can be fixed

Mala_ Mala_22

LETS GO RAMS ❤️❤️💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

Ranger Willis

Safe to say Bortles career is over

    Dude Ranch

    a R true that, I do like malcolm brown and his potential this season, i’m a little nervous about our oline without rodger saffold though

    a R

    @Dude Ranch yup yup yup

    J D

    @Dude Ranch hell yeah I like Allen he cool have not seen wolford to much he was cool tho


    Rams deserve better, he’s trash.


    Dude Ranch I’m gonna have to stop you right there chief there’s no way in hell Henderson is getting cut. He has at least 3 years here. Dude is explosive in space just haven’t had much space in these preseason games


@7:29 I felt that stiff arm Kelly! 🤦🏽‍♂️ yuck


    🤦🏽‍♂️ yuck

Victor Thiros

Let’s hope the Broncos can improve this lack of offense in any game we’ve seen so far.

    Whitey O'Banion

    We will be fine. 10-6 with a playoff win. You heard it here first.

Asaru Ptah

Rams finally win a preseason game and show sum defensive quality.

King Flacko

Some of yall take preseason with 3rd strings wayy to serious

    Buna 7

    What happens when a starter goes down? Cant use pre-season as an excuse then.

    Lee Watkins

    They arr trying to make a roster lol

    King Flacko

    @kevlar jazzman you should still be able to differentiate preseason and regular season….

    Alex Boom

    Yeah, stupid preseason, just a bunch of nobody’s. Just like undrafted players and anyone picked after the 3rd round. 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

That Guy Donny

Broncos back up QB’s look abit rough, Rypien is showing abit of something and Hogan is playing like hogan. Give Rypien a better O-line and maybe he’d be able to be more accurate.

    Saúl Quintero

    I think Rypien is better than Drew

Kevin Ervin

Dude on the Broncos did that spin u always see on madden but never in real life ….u the truth

Well Read Bull

Denver defence looks solid so far! Me likey!

Mishawaka Post

Vince Evans didn’t apologize for throwing the football hard. He said NFL WRs were paid to handle the heat.

Max Sanchez

So tired of watching people who will be watching the regular season just like me.

Jesse Ross

Brandon Allen looks like he could start for some NFL teams in the league currently…

arjan van tongerlo

If you’ve seen Last Chance U you can’t not root for Dakota Allen, dude didn’t quit and is about to make the Rams’ roster.


Things that I took away from the game

– Brandon Allen is going to be the backup to Goff. The man has balled out these last few games.
– Greene, Webster, and Mike Thomas bring a lot of depth into the receiving core
– I take back what I said about Henderson. The man can explode through a hole once he sees it and go for 8-9 yards, and can do some damage in the receiving game. He’s a nice 3rd down back. I’d like to see what he does with the starting o line.
– The secondary balled out again. 4 interceptions in 3 games and 2 of them were from Peterson. I also like how fast we get to the ball once the receiver catches it. There’s little to none yards after the catch.
– Defensive line balled out once again. Pressure was just handed out to the Broncos. Franklin-Myers balled out once again. He’s very disruptive.
– The offensive line was average at best. Allen had to scramble a lot to throw it. There were some plays where they blocked well though.

I’m not a analyst or anything, just a person tryna see how well his team is doin lol

Brandon Belona

I trust Brandon Allen more than Blake bottles alrdy dude looked like Goff just imagine if he had 1st strong everything..

rudy rush

It would be confusing if Michael Thomas was traded to the New Orleans Saints for Michael Thomas.

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