Broncos vs. Raiders Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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2may4wood14 Reply


    olney28 Reply

    And the same offense as the year before

    CanadianGirl 26 Reply


    J Grif Reply


VDub In Paradise Reply

Dwayne Harris taking down Washington had me rolling. 6:20

Khalil Grier Reply

The Raiders showed up despite all the AB drama not wanting to be a Raider great win

straightoutofVISA Reply

Hey Nagy , that’s how you use your star rookie RB . You BUM!!!

    Bradley Driscoll Reply


    lane ferris Reply

    Lmao you needa chill. Its week one.

    CanadianGirl 26 Reply

    Shame on you!!!

    Rick D Reply

    @lane ferris i like his passion. You gotta set the tone. That bears offense performance was el terrible

Roberto Rocha Reply

As a Steelers fan I’m glad to see the raiders win 💯💪 Antonio brown is a opp 😷

    Hold This L Reply

    CanadianGirl 26 you’re canadian, stick to watching the CFL please

    Rene C Reply

    Patriots shited on you

    gk'93 Reply


    insert band name Reply

    Hold This L stfu your team can’t even win a big game without cheating

    Rev Wolf Reply

    I’m sure he’ll love it in New England where they cheat like no other and have games handed to them by the refs.

JGARY92 Reply

Happy for you guys Raiders fans , Raiders team and fans need it this one , glad the you have that W.

    Mike Johnson Reply

    JGARY92 there will be many more this season

    CanadianGirl 26 Reply

    Thanks 😁

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    Bad Cornflakes Reply

    @CanadianGirl 26 Raiders fan in Canada?

    JAMO-_o0o Reply

    JGARY92 thanks man! Huge respect ✊

Breyden Ruo Reply

Jacobs is a beast! Congrats Raiders Fans. Knew he was something special 🔥

RuelMP Reply

You could hear the “F AB chants” in these highlights lolol

    The goat MJ Reply

    RuelMP when. Can you give me like a timestamp

    RuelMP Reply

    @The goat MJ 1:14 If you listen closely.

ArtInEverything Reply

this just makes me intensely happy, bye AB, hello new Raiders, let´s go!

Jordan Marley Reply

Waller is a sleeper for yal fantasy nuts. He’s going to be Carrs safe blanket throughout the season.

    Drew Oberg Reply

    Jordan Marley i know, i picked him up and started him over eric ebron

Vermillion kiss Reply

I’m so glad josh Jacob’s had this kind of game. Hes my fav raider player

James Garza Reply

Last play of the video where Jacob’s carries Miller and two other Broncos to get the first down damn!

    Decks Spencer Reply

    James Garza I didn’t even peep that was von Miller, Jacobs Has The Running strength of Marshawn in his prime!!!!


Im a chiefs fan i just lost my best friend he was a raiders fan and at his funeral i said go raiders ik he is smiling now good game raiders


    @Jacob Trujillo he still watched it he might not of been happy with the outcome but he was there wit you


    @Beast Mode me to i root for them now also but i still love my chiefs


    @Michael Drake we have another on the come up believe me this year we getting that 🏆

    milo lee Reply

    Great comment jac

Kapcha- -Gaming Reply

Falcons fan perspective: The raiders played REALLY REALLY good. Carr was on all game, and also, fk ab

    Decks Spencer Reply

    Kapcha- -Gaming thanks player I live here In Atl and while im die hard raider nation, I do wish the falcons nothing’s but love !!

    CanadianGirl 26 Reply

    What’s your favourite NFL? Oakland Raiders or Denver Broncs?

    Killerbob_360 YT Reply

    As falcon’s my second favorite team I give falcons respect

    Gio Reply

    Thank you brother…positive vibes going your way for a win this week for you guys

flip dibiase Reply

the raiders don’t need A.B fucc him and I’m a packers fan

Cam Moore Reply

I like how all the fans of other teams are respectable it shows no hate ✊🏽

Matt Hix Reply

Josh Jacobs the Alabama beast. Big powerful RB

    England is my CITY Reply

    We drafted him with your pick

    will4XX Reply

    England is my CITY and we still got their next years

    England is my CITY Reply

    @will4XX yeah hope they do bad and draft jerry jeudy cause he good

    Miguel Vázquez Reply

    Did he levitate/fly to the end zone at 2:40?

Peyton Schmidt Reply

Raiders actually looked very good this game. Congrats on the win. Also, sorry about having to deal with that clown AB
-Packers fan

    Jose Marrero Reply

    Peyton Schmidt they not goin to the playoffs tho 😂😂😂

    CanadianGirl 26 Reply

    I’m a Cowboys fan from Canada because all the the fans said Antonio clown.

    KR Sniping Reply

    He was playing chess not checkers. He wants a ring not the money 😂 business is already boomin lol

Jr Prz Reply

Non Raider fans showing love on the comments…That’s cool man!!!

    Greg Horton Reply

    Wow, that never happens lol.

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    Jose Zarate Reply


guy sumpthin Reply

Exactly like chucky said , we’ve got great receivers

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