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Bryan Darby

Green bay defense got the league on notice.

    Chase Porter

    Adrian Amos too 💪🏾


    310 yards given up isn’t exactly a dominant performance, man. We were fortunate to win this game. 2 of our touchdowns came off of their turnovers.

    murda murda

    Yessir we do

    Kimberly Brewer

    @GreenDay1981 – Yes, but who made the turnovers happen? That Jaire Alexander take away was one of the best displays of pure determination that we’ve seen in quite a while!


    @Kimberly Brewer But think about it. The defense gave up 310 yards of total offense to the Broncos despite the Packers offense not committing any turnovers. We needed the short field we got from their 2 fumbles to score 2 touchdowns. The offense was pretty stagnant in the second half after the touchdown on our first possession of the second half: 2 punts, a field goal, and a missed field goal.

Josue Tejada

Man our defense has come up big the last 3 games for us. They lead the NFL in takeaways i’m so happy that we don’t need to rely on just Aaron anymore

    Michael Fleming

    They still get sluggish but I love the take aways

    Kimberly Brewer

    @Josue Tejada – Don’t know why everyone is amazed that the Defense is better this year when they finally fired dumb Dom Capers and actually went out and got a couple of decent free agents.

    Mitri Tube

    Josue Tejada and we getting all these strips I love it

    Cian Lehane

    Wait til you play a top 10 offense. 3-0 against shitty offenses. Hard to tell if they’re really a top D but they do look good.

    Evan Lusmann

    @Renaldy Calixte Brady has had a top 10 defense damn near every year. Aaron only had one once and won the superbowl

Fingering Things

As a packers fan, it’s surreal having a defense that can win games.

I don’t know what to do with these emotions.



    Brice Tikum

    You and me both

    Eric S

    War eagle

    Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    Yeah big whoop you guys beat a shity team.

Fingering Things

Holy crap the Packers defense is for real

    Nucky Mancini

    Said no one ever

    silver scape

    @Adrian Johnson hes just mad hia team ain’t gunna go nowhere while our team is looking like a Superbowl contendor


    We only had 2 more total yards than the Broncos so is our defense good or is our offense shitty?

    Ricky Dhillon

    The defense is good but they’ve also gotten lucky. If you watched the games there were a lot of misplays by opposing teams in the red zone, or in field goal range. So the numbers will surely go up. But that doesn’t change the fact they are good enough to keep beating most teams, and Rodgers is still one of the best in the business at at the line of scrimmage and controlling a game, as well as making clutch plays. I can see them clinching a top 2 seed. The playoffs is where you have to worry because you need to have home field against teams like the Rams, Saints, Cowboys, and Seahawks.

    munny moore

    Broncos have been giving up 4 sacks a game, calm down.

Jonas Scherf

BREAKING: Green Bay Packers change their name to Green Bay Sackers.

    Nick Chimchal

    @ɾ ɐ ʎ. another person who hates the truth.

    Reesey Racks

    Adrian Johnson L


    George W.



Jeremiah Hull

Every quarterback that faces the packers becomes a bum right after the game. Hmmm, does anyone see any correlation


    @thedarkemissary dude it’s just 3 games calm down ya maybe he is off this season but he is good it’s my opinion I’m not trying to convince or force y’all to think that it’s just my opinion

    captain save a hoee

    @Shawn Christianson yes mahomes torched every defense he played against.. to bad he didnt do that to the Patriots last year and lost and choked.. lmfao

    Shawn Christianson

    captain save a hoee That one year wonder is 3-0 and has 10 TD’s and 0 interceptions. He also has well over 1,000 yards already. He is on pace for 6,000 yards and almost 60 TD’s. Both would be NFL records. Also Mahomes individually outplayed Brady boy in both games last season. But it’s a team game and he doesn’t play defense you moron. Check your sources next time before you open your mouth.

    Jay Kluesy

    Shawn Christianson im not saying mahhomes won’t light the pack d up but this defense is waaaay better then anything AR12 has had since 2010 and that’s always been the packers problem since then is garbage defense

Adam Rangel

Packers defensive is finally good. Tobad we can’t get Nelson back lol

    big chungo

    @cpk1994 this means favriote QBs is definitely Johnny Manziel


    @xxBODYCOUNTxx It is Rodgers fault. He is the QB and he runs it. He constantly ignores open receivers undearneath because he is trying to go deep every single time. The only one who knows fuckall about football is you. You deep throating Rodgers doesn’t make you an expert either.

Chris Terry

Where my Packers fans at!💪

    Jacob Johnson

    Right here!

    post smoko

    Go pack go

    Hugh Pryer

    All the way from Buckinghamshire England. GO PACK GO!!

    murda murda

    Yessir lets get it



Pete Martinez

IDK why people were saying Preston Smith is average. Dude is a BEAST!

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Jabren Harris Casey Hayward release still gets to me 🤦‍♂️


    @AlmightyyPack 1 blake is a beast, if you dont think that your delusional

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Gandolf2222 I know he is that’s why I said we need another MLB BESIDE playing next to him that is consistent and fast

BroncosBailey ‘99

I just want my team to not suck anymore. Is that so hard to do, Elway?

    Lane Splitter

    under a new coaching staff, there’s gonna be growing pains before a team figure things out. only reason why it is working out for matt lefleur is because he has aaron rodgers and a defense that is playing above expectations. vic fangio is learning the hard way that his denver defensive roster is not the same as chicago or san francisco; and, rich scangarello has flacco.

    Edster III

    It’s sad. I am a Packers fan but the Broncos have always been a force. Now as of late nothing. Is Elway that bad? I liked the Broncos way back when. The orange crush.
    Packers always #1, but I respect and admire the other good franchises and Denver is one of them.


    BroncosBailey ‘99 didn’t they win a Super Bowl a couple years ago? Come on now, I feel you but it happens from time to time. Try being a Jets fan, now they suck!

    max walraevens

    Flamin RedHead came here to say just that haha they had some great years with manning under center not that long ago

    Friendly neighborhood Crisis actor

    BroncosBailey ‘99 try being a bengal fan since 06 lmao

Txkong Kong

Let’s go Rashan Gary!! First career sack today

    Thomas Getty

    Savage first pick

    -CALI- GBPacker559

    Happy for him and Savage 😎

    Caesar Fiorini

    Pride of New Jersey

    Renan BorgesS

    He had a recovered fumble too, didn’t he?

William Brennan

At 8:05, what in the world was the Denver QB trying to do? He was nowhere near a receiver.

    Renaldy Calixte

    @AKASOB That’s what it looked like to me. Lindsay wasn’t on the same page with Flacco.


    @AKASOB ball slipped too, the replay showed that

    Judah Kruth

    Its called being a bad quarterback. No excuse your in thr NFL


    86SuperRay well it was raining


3-0!!! Who would have guessed that itd be the PACKERS defense to win the games. Wow. Last time Rodgers had a defense this good, he won the SB

    Nick Passaro

    He also had 45 TDs that year, i know its still a long year ahead of us, but the offense needs to get it together

    MJM 1226

    This the most consistent pass rush GB has had in a loooong time. Got depth as well

    Edster III

    @Nick Passaro That’s what gives me some worries. Are there enough weapons on offense? Don’t get me wrong they have some talented guys but they need to get some quality drives going. The defense HAS been there but what if one or two games it’s not. The offense HAS to get it together.

    Michael Fleming


    Boi got SHOOK

    Myst1c L3g3nd yeah I miss the no fly zone defense as well I’m a packers fan but man I loved watching them


I’m still proud to be a Broncos fan. Go Broncos country!

Congrats to the Packers. Good game

    Stephen Weiss

    As a WI native Packers fan now living in beautiful CO (Loveland), I can vouch for Broncos fans overall. They are very classy and treat Packers fans like me decently. You still have a great defense though the numbers dont show it yet. Good luck to your team the rest of the way!!!



    Todd Smith

    @Khalil Hill Im Broncos fan too, buck give u props tho. Good luck the rest of the way.

    Todd Smith

    @Stephen Weiss Thanks dude. Im Broncos fan… but i give yall respect tho. It was a good game & you guys just took advantage of our mistakes. Good luck to you throughout the season. Good game!

Lun Hing

Bruh the broncos have a horrible schedule lol they’re facing some beasts

    David Vazquez

    J. Gomez and you would know how to ride them huh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 GG son

    Dontavian Smallwood

    Lun Hing naw bro we suck we suck bad at this point

    Mitch Aser

    OnTheHouse he’s talking about playing a tough schedule every year.

    Tee Murphy

    AsapVision I seen this same comment 3 years ago

    Todd Smith

    @sethja8 I agree…im broncos fan & i see exactly what you saw. Its tough to beat yourself at crucial moments. But anuway Good luck rest of the way to you. Peace!


To quote Aaron Rodgers : “We have a defense”. GO PACK GO 🧀

    George Griendling Jr

    @aaron berhane ^ yw
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    George Griendling Jr

    @maria martinez Po

    George Griendling Jr


    Jason Murphy

    GO PACK GO!!!

    T. Levi H.

    Calm down, Rogers. The Broncos have no offensive line.

Ditch 79

Savage’s first career int and Gary’s first career sack

    Kyler Stephanson

    Didn’t gary recover a fumble too?

    Ditch 79

    Kyler Stephanson yeah

Omni Pepper

This defense is amazing. It feels so weird to not be carried by Rodgers

    Omni Pepper

    Gary Simmons Patriots played crap teams too. Go crap on them. Even as a Packers Fan I’m willing to admit that Trubisky, Cousins, and Flacco are all good. Lindsay is good. Bears D is amazing. Cook is great. But we still beat them even when our offense couldn’t do anything.
    Also are you trying to say that we shouldn’t have an opinion yet due to a lack of games, or are you saying that the Packers are barely good. You can’t flip flop between opinions. You gotta pick one. Literally everything the Packers have shown points to them having a top level defense right now.


    Omni Pepper Defense is carrying Aaron Rodgers

    CEE Smith

    @Gary Simmons Gary… stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Extinct Gamingz

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jaire Alexander’s strip fumble!? What a play!

    Stephen Weiss

    @Logan Wynstra Hey, I watched my Pack get embarrassed last time when I went to the game at Denver. (Live in Loveland). Difference is now we finally have more speed on defense like your excellent Broncos defense still has. Good luck the rest of the way.


    that’s the best defensive play i’ve seen so far this year


    Jaire is a straight up baller. Glad hes on our team

    Miguel López

    Are you saying Martinez was sitting down? Fffukking guy been the best in our defense for the longest.

    Michael Fleming

    We witnessed a mugging


Flacco better pickup the slacco or he is going to keep getting sacco

    NA NI



    Cody Schale you talking about 3 games out of one year. What did Flacco do the rest of his career?

    Curry Chicken



    Lol.he be gone next year


    @eoe123321 a thank You..that was horrible protection

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