Broncos players react to loss in Green Bay: ‘It’s just tough’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bobby Compton Reply

Keep the faith they will happen

pfeiffdog0811 Reply

You are missing sacks von!!!!

    Lodogg 3323 Reply

    Meanwhile Shaq Barrett is up to 8… 3 games in, has 8 damned sacks.

Josef Luetschwager Reply

Von needs to pick up his game man !!

Truce Da poet Reply

Broncos D need a scheme switch….this 3-4 zone style isn’t working…..go back to the 4-3hybrid and mix in some 46 bear along with a 3-6-2 scheme… sacks through 3 weeks??pitful

    Stephon Jones Reply

    Truce Da poet what sacks 👀

    Stephon Jones Reply

    Noah fant is a wastebasket

    Agent Bruh Reply

    Truce Da poet It would probably help Chubb since he played DE at NC State in a 4-3 but definitely not Miller since he’s an OLB and isn’t built like a DE, he would literally be in coverage most of the time

    Truce Da poet Reply

    @Agent Bruh exactly

    Truce Da poet Reply

    We ran 3-4 so much that its predictable as hell

Flippant Booch Reply

I like will parks response. Hopefully no players are giving up !! What about the scheme tho is that the problem ??

Sig P365 Reply

Broncos will be fine

Speedyreedy1218 Reply

Last year the Texans started 0-3, Cowboys started 0-4, and Colts 1-5.

…All made the playoffs. #NotOverYet

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    @supratrd900 “Some guy on the sideline” hahaha

    Jens Petersen Reply

    @Speedyreedy1218 Broncos started 6-0 in 2009 and ended 8-8 out of the playoffs (the start with Josh McDaniels)

    Cliff Hanger Reply

    That’s excellent news my friend. Hopefully we’re progressing week to week.

    Tim H Reply

    After Titans game in week 6 it’s a tough schedule by any standards…can’t see a 50% winning season

Chava303 Reply

Stay up Denver !!

2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy Reply

Vons in converage way to much we have leaders in this team they just need to lead better and have fun

    David Gentry Reply

    2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy Big linemen in coverage does not work. Kansas City did that crap before. A 4-3

    2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy Reply

    @David Gentry for real makes no sense

D J Reply

Tua! Tua! Tua!. Keep it up! Tua! Tua! Tua!

    Lodogg 3323 Reply


Psychosious Reply

I am not happy with the performance lately, but Christ we have long way to be like the bengals/browns/bucs/cards/etc.

Broncos Fans need to be thankful this is not a norm; and while we should not accept it, we shouldn’t be acting like a good chunk of so-called “Bronco fans” are doing at this point in time. Let’s keep our heads up, and keep the faith. I see promise, marred with silly mistakes.

    RCYoung Reply

    Not a norm? We were 5-11 in 2017, 6-10 in 2018 and now we’re 0-3 to start out the 2019 season. And not to sound like an a**hole, but it sure is starting to feel like it. I’m from New England and I’ve always been a Broncos fan ever since I was about 8-9 years old, I’m 34 now! I respect and understand what you’re saying, but it’s hard to deal with especially when you have a team from your hometown who you’re not a fan of, winning Super Bowls like it’s the normal thing… LOL!

cre8urf8 one-line Reply

The captions for Von said “I gotta get sex”😆

Klaus Klaus Reply

3rd and long and we blitz with 3???? Trash system

Cliff Hanger Reply

I think Will Parks said it best do your job!

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    The Patriot way! ☺

Louis Gray Reply

this just hurts, but I remember Tebow taking us on a winning streak when the thought the season was over

Vincent Nutt Reply

Giving up close to 30 points a game, and cannot reach the 20’s for points on offense. Good players and coaches? Let’s get with it.



Cruzinthruspace Reply

If they don’t win this next Game, with a rookie QB, seasons over.

S Gunner Reply

John Elway is not the GM answer…….sorry John, HOF QB, but he’s not a GM.

Sumlin Reply

I love this teams attitude. That’s gonna turn the record around.

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