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Uso Penitentiary

Now hopefully the defense keeps this momentum going when the Titans come to town next week

    ray ray


    RJ Ante

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Sounds about right.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Larry Legend is a GOAT sounds like the Titans

    ray ray

    @Uso Penitentiary well titans are going win , loss , loss, win, loss quess what comes next and it’s this week coming up a loss

    Cliff Hanger

    We should win with our form. Hope for the best. Pray for the worst.

Hot Shot

It’s amazing how many likes comments get bc who ever takes time to read them


Rivers why am not surprised you did this?


    Because he’s overrated trash!

Yo Yo

Same defense that couldn’t get a sack for 4 weeks

    ray ray

    We had injures, and week 4 we had 5 sacks

    Cliff Hanger

    We’re starting to warm up

24Kaleb May

I am not a broncos fan but i am happy for them getting there first win of the season


At 1:00, did yiadom purposely try to not catch that wobbly pass?

    Manpreet Singh

    Haha no it was far away from him. I thought so too from this weird angle but I remember watching it live, and the replay made it clear.

Will T

When Bryce callahan gets back nobody will score

    Epic Gaming

    Will T yep

    Darville Leonard

    Yes and no fly zone will rely dominate

    Shawn Nguyen

    Bryce Callahan, Kareem Jackson, AJ Johnson, Von Miller, Bradly Chubb (when he returns), Chris Harris Jr, Todd Davis

    Sam Bradfield

    yeah think about are DBs are Chris Harris Jr Kareem Jackson Bryce Callahan and Justin Simmons that’s a scary secondary

ray ray

The only TD was Sepcial teams

    Aaron Weaver

    By a hold that wasn’t called

ray ray

Honestly make sure Adam gotsis doesn’t come back be his back up was doing great on that run defense and pass defense

Captin Drawma

Defensive was explosive

Manuel Gonzalez

45 was all over the field today

    rashad tatum

    5 star recruit very talented

    Epic Gaming

    Exactly keep him in

Kirk Moore

LA Chokers….
Different city, same throat!

santas raindeer

Who is number 45 he was really impressive

    Keith Edmond

    Alexander Johnson

    Dylan Howard

    There was no hold. lol

Jason E90

Malik reed and walker where dominant on the dline, should def keep playing them more snaps


    Agreed and Purcell

    ray ray

    We took Adam gotsis out for Purcell and #93 dremont Jones our rookie was nasty in the run too

Austin Luckey

Didn’t even get the chargers defensive first score…

That Guy Donny

We missed Jackson so much, and why hasn’t Johnson played before? He was all over the field!

    Uso Penitentiary

    That Guy Donny because he was struggling at first when he did play but now he’s playing much better

r e d

It’s such a relief to see Denver’s defense is still there


I didn’t get a chance to see the game just yet but from these highlights #45 was EVERYWHERE! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿


AJ Johnson deserves to be the permanent starter. #vol4life

    #1 Broncos fan!

    True that!

Cliff Hanger

Bloody good team win. I love the Broncos!

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