British Accents & Delirious Players | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

British Accents & Delirious Players | Carolina Panthers

Caroline Cann chats with Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen, Mario Addison, JJ Jansen, Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore about if they know what day it is after a full day of travel.

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Jai Norman

Stand up! Panther Nation!!!

    Jai Norman

    @Konrad Nilsson I bet she do

Ahsocool F

This was really Funny

King Robinson

j.j Jansen seems like a really cool guy to hang with

B. Evans

1:25 Did we just have a Superhero moment?🦸‍♂️ Evan Longoria


    B. Evans Jansen protects

    Anna Richardson

    Poor Caroline, she was dodging footballs all day.

David Gonzalez

I love it!

Jamie Abernathy

Me and my Grandpa is one of your Fan’s good luck on Sunday

Aaron Smith

2:41 Greg been around the brothas to much

Hello NedyaH

Let’s win on Sunday.Keep pounding!!!!

Aych Bhomas

Obada’s American accent 😂😂😂

Marvin D. Rogers

Dang, these are great. Caroline is a pro! 📽

David Robinson

Quite good video. Jolly good show!

#KeepPounding Pip Pip Cheerio!

johnathan willan

lol she did an australian accent

Romeo Jones

Delirious aka they stoned 😂 love these types of vids

DBeazRN 3

These guys are having a blast!!! Love it!


She’s so beautiful


Hopefully they turn the Bucs into the London Sillynannies

Keep Pounding

KevinKnox Playlist

She reminds me of my wife, ya know, the one in my dreams lol


1:29 Damn Caroline, you almost got hit like Pam Oliver…or Pete Carroll…or Marsha Brady! #ohmynose

Cody B.

Everything about this was adorable af


Caroline lowkey got that Aussie accent on lock

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