Brian Hoyer: “It’s all about getting better, one day at a time” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Euro Guy 85 Reply

Go Pats!

tree trunks Reply



Cut Hoyer!!!

    Carter GK Reply

    Petty lol

Miguel Tova Reply

Hoyer will easily get us a 4th round pick if we trade him

    neil adlington Reply

    I would trade Stidham before trading Hoyer. I know, not a popular opinion but Hoyer does more than back up Brady. Hoyer is not only a safety-net but also has experience and knowledge that has helped and will help game planning opposition defenses. Stidham MIGHT be the future but that is yet to be determined and two preseason games is next to nothing in appraising someone’s worth. Hoyer is the insurance plan and right now that is what the Pats need.

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

Rypien is the future. Stidham’s brain and arm will freeze at 0. Good trade bait for JAX

Well I agree with what you said, but Reply


Well I agree with what you said, but Reply

I mean if we did cut him, wouldnt he want that, so that he can have a shot at starting someplace else?

Oh Boy Reply

I see a trade happening soon

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