Brian Griese sees ‘new lease on life’ for QB Joe Flacco in Denver – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Mosin Nagant Reply

Go Broncos!

Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere Lavim Reply

Whatcha Gonna Do When #BroncoMania Runs Wild On The NFL…… #PlayoffsBound

kevin stein Reply

Keep Drew on the bench for 2 years and let him learn. Imagine what Tebow would have become under Manning. Yeah I kinda stretched that one a little bit but what the hell.

    kevin stein Reply

    @Tylen Lampkin Patients is a virtue. He’s not that smart yet. Game is to fast for him right now.

    Mile High Truth Reply

    Shittt..see if this o-line can keep flacco healthy long enough for lock to stay off the field.

    kevin stein Reply

    @Mile High Truth Agreed there

    darrisgetzbucc Reply

    @Tylen Lampkin if flacco balls out this year or does a good job you’d automatically bench him to start lock? Idk

    Chip White Reply

    You are absolutely right,tebow could have learned so much

Von Miller Reply


Bryan Vazquez Reply

Please god don’t make Flacco a bust

    Jacky Cox Reply

    Flacco’s not a bust

    Bryan Seay Reply

    Hes the greatest QB to win a superbowl.

Mile High Truth Reply

Griese always tells it how it is!

Jacky Cox Reply

As a ravens fan I miss Joe already Broncos are going to be alright tear it up joe make everyone remember why you was a superbowl mvp

Curtis Johnson Reply

How big a fan of the broncos I am I got a brian griese bobble head lol

karl da broncos fan Reply

joe had his best statistical start last year now he has a hood te he likes tes he has good offensive line and a system he will love so he can have 25 tds and 10 ints and we can go 8-8 to 10-6

Yard Byrd Reply

Really hope skinny boy can do it!! Go Broncos!!

Peter7966 Reply

Flacco is a big upgrade. The past few years the Broncos have been living in QB hell. If Flacco stays healthy??? If he is protected??? If the D can give him a cushion??? And if lady luck rolls the Broncos way, by inches and at key moments, good football will return to the Mile High City.

Styx Reply

Do not believe the negative on Flacco. He is the best QB we had. The Ravens did not give him weapons last few years.

    Josh Miller Reply

    As a Ravens fan, I can attest to that. The best weapon Flacco has had in the last few years was an aging vet Steve Smith Sr.

JOEL00111 Reply

When I became a broncos fan in 2000, griese was the QB and I was 10! my favorite QB and team 2000 roster! Ashley lelie! Al Wilson! John Mobley! Rod smith!

Kumar Dubai Reply

Career year coming for Joe Cool. SuperBowl 54 MVP 😎

Patrick King Reply

Keep the Rookie on the bench Joe. The Ravens really messed up and got drunk on the running QB Kool Aide.

Brian Burke Reply

B Grease = ledgend

Lucas B Reply

One thing that I love and is undeniable about Flacco is that he has balls of steel in the post season – the guy does not get fazed, and hopefully, this will translate to the initial pressures here .. plus … Juwann Winfree is going to be a beast

Bronco World Reply

Joe will work out for us… All we need is a QB who can stretch the field. Along with our running game and defense Big Joe should have a dam good season

zac hannaman Reply

New life? So he won’t be the worst starting QB in the league this year?

Chip White Reply

Nothing more powerful than a QB with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, ie manning to broncos,brees to saints,favre to minnesota,montana to kansas city

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