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You should have saved this video for October 10th. [His 50th birthday]

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    That’s crazy Favre is only 8 years older than Tom Brady. Brady still playing and looks 30 while Favre looks 70

    Paul n Sherri Shepherd

    Dixie Normous

    Paul n Sherri Shepherd lol

    Steven Martinez

    M G he’s planning on announcing his come back that day

    Dixie Normous

    Steven Martinez are you serious ?

Potato Salad

Brett Farve is in all 50 of these, that’s how you know he’s good

    Legend__ 21

    @Jack Mack I don’t know bro…he hasn’t texted back for some clarification that he was joking🤔💀

    David Nangle III

    He really isn’t that good, I dont why he’s in every highlight… well yea I do. The nfl dickeats Favre. Shoulda had more Brady or sum. At least we saw some Vikings highlights

    Damian Montesinos

    David Nangle III can we see your highlights

    Potato Salad

    Legend__ 21 no fam he is good tho, that is why he is in everyone lol

    Paul n Sherri Shepherd

the vault dweller

Since luck retired… Colts are looking for a new quarterback… Maybe someone can, I don’t know, come out of retirement?

    Paul n Sherri Shepherd

    Steven Martinez

    Bwahahaha sad this could happen

    Envy Nova

    @ItsmeLucifer 506 favre*

    Marty No Knows

    @Julian Rhoades I actually heard it during the pre-show for when Brett Favre was being inducted. I think it was Eisen who said “Well, this is his last chance to comeback and play football.” So I took it as you can’t comeback after being inducted. Also, these players are in there late 40’s and early 50’s, doubt they wanna play again.


Toughest quarterback of all time!

    Colin Barlow

    Josh Colby lol he’s not even the leader in career yards or TDs

    Josh Colby

    @Colin Barlow not now.he was upon retirement.if you go back and read I said he was the first qb to reach 500tds and 70,000 yds passing, the only player to win 3 consecutive NFL mvp awards. I’m a die hard Favre fan ,i have a area of my house dedicated to him and the packers

    Paul n Sherri Shepherd

    Steven Rangel

    @Weiss Rivers has a lot too

    Zach Savini

    John elway

james richardson

10:41 is the Favre I’ll always remember. Rolls left, throws from the 43 across his body, to the back right hand corner of the end zone for the game winning TD. First Packers playoff win in 11 years and only 2nd playoff win since 1967! This game in 94 was the starting point of the Packers team most people know now.


To me the most fun player to watch and my favorite player. My birthday is on August 31st. So happy this was made


Stronger than a garlic milkshake 🤣 classic

Godfather95 MBS

the greatest gunslinger of all time

Tony Preston

The toughest and most exciting QB in NFL history.

Kyle Adrien

Wish Sterling stayed healthy. Dude was great


    Kyle Adrien I say that all the time. Best Wide Receiver to play the game.

    Alan Grey

    I don’t care how hard anyone tries, there is no convincing me that Aaron Rodgers is better than Brett Favre. It’s not even close. There are two things I miss about 1990s football…Barry Sanders and Brett Favre! -Lions fan

Kyle Adrien

John Madden Gushing over favre will always be memorable


    And then frank caliendo doing his impression of it.

    •Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop•

    Because Madden can see Favre being a Raider, he has that quality…

    sharbel simon

    Kelly is tougher

Square707steam Ps4

Fave is my favorite quarterback of all time 20 years in league no days off he’s the greatest quarterback of greenbay history

Marc Thompson

Brett Farve: The greatest Pro Backyard Football Quarterback ever
This is a complement. How anyone could make something so precise as throwing a ball into someones hands 30, 40, 50+ yards while they run and while you run is still a mystery to me. The fact that he lasted so long in the league with the way he run and slung the ball is amazing.

Invincible Speaker

I’m guessing a Colts fan posted this to get Farve out of retirement

    Slime FrmJmb

    Invincible Speaker omfg 😭😭😭😭

    Alan Grey

    I’ve heard so many jokes about Brett coming out of retirement to play for the Colts since Luck retired, but in all honesty he could still do it. Especially as much as they protect the QB these days. One day we just might see a QB with a walker throwing a SB game-winning TD.

    Traveler Volkriin

    @Alan Grey Stop it.

J Gunzler

“This guys stronger than a garlic milkshake”

The Super Cool Adventure Show

Aaron Rodgers could never do what Brett did in that era… …they’re all playing princess ball now..


    Its all so precise, calculated, nerfed. I still watch but its not the same

    Envy Nova

    Its boring now. I almost never watch football since 4 retired


Still my favourite player of all time, despite going to the purple ones. Him, Reggie White, and Charles Woodson is my Top 3.

    Alan Grey

    I’m with you on that and I’m a Lions fan of 40 years. No QB even comes close to Brett Favre…not even Brady or Rodgers. Top three players… Barry Sanders, Barry Sanders, and Brett Favre.

Jason Vyzer

For all of Favre’s bad traits, he was still just so fun to watch play.

Czr S

Great quarterback. Hated watching him vs my team in the playoffs.

Mr Jones

He won 3 consecutive MVPs, I’m from Wisconsin and even I forgot how amazing he was at his peak. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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