Breshad Perriman On Jets Training Camp | Official Jets Podcast | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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The Cole Davidson Show Reply

I have high expectations for Perriman as long as the OL does its job!

    E Bizzle Reply

    Same here , I definitely agree.

Peter Carrasquillo Reply

Perriman is gonna be better than ever

Chris Reynolds Reply

I love when receivers dont do the “me” thing. Humble things like “I couldn’t help but catch it” which I hope people realize hes full of it, takes talent

Lindles J Reply

Love this guy! These r the team players we need!

Yash Shah Reply

Crowder will have a probowl year

    Simply 11B elieve Lane Reply


Jacob Lugo Reply

Sad to see Robby go but hopefully Mims and Perriman can turn up this year. We’ll be better than people think this year

Jet Life Reply

As long as Herdon, Crowder , Perriman are healthy were good. Simple as that

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