Breaking Down Why Stephon Gilmore Is The Best Corner In The NFL | Baldy’s Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Skipper • Reply

been good since he was in buffalo

    bloody knuckles Reply

    bro he been good since south carolina

    Garbanzo123 Reply

    LMAOOO not even close bud

    bloody knuckles Reply

    @Garbanzo123 who not even close????

    ricky king Reply

    buffalo sucks

    P Pumpkin Reply

    He may have been good in Buffalo, but when he first came to New England, he missed a lot of assignments. Has improved dramatically under Belchick.

Elevation27 Reply

He needs more respect!!

    jeebs9 Reply

    How? Lol… Wasnt he voted like number 1 corner player in the player vote?

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    Yes !!

    Yeet Or get yeeted Reply

    jeebs9 Yeah but no one ever talks about him or mentions him when it comes to the best cornerbacks

    Ken Kaneki Reply

    @Yeet Or get yeeted maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to do much since the Patriots jerks off to all the blitzing they like calling since their secondary is overrated

    Josh H Reply

    Ken Kaneki are you kidding me? Did u watch the video

Keyller Thomas Reply

Stephon Gilmore is the BEST

    Selton K Reply

    Keyller Thomas torched regularly in buffalo , belichek effect amazing coach

    Takman Klan Killa 187 Reply

    @Selton K he was def inconsistent during his time with buffalo.

    Hayden Brashier Reply

    was richard sherman but now it probably is idk

    BijahD Reply

    Bill seems to only hire the most intelligent (football intelligence) men he can find. It’s an intellectual team first…..

Htown Lifer Reply

Lmao….”Daniel Jones looked right at him”

I ate those food Reply

Imagine if someone had 3 DPOY candidates and the greatest defensive coach ever on one team… wait a minute

    Invert My Square Law Reply

    @Sneaksies Ok, name one.

    Top HighLiteZ Reply

    Sneaksies still waiting for names

    P Pumpkin Reply

    @Sneaksies Who’s a better defensive coach than Belichick? Do they have nine rings too?

    P Pumpkin Reply

    I wonder what those brainheads in Miami think about their new Head Coach, now that they see that the New England defense is even better without him.

    Was Brian Flores, the engineer of NE’s championship defense last year, or just another wanna be clinging to Belichick’s bootstraps?

    P Pumpkin Reply

    Not many comments here about Belichick’s two super bowl wins with the giants and probably the best linebacking group ever.

obsidian Reply

Gilmore is like the perfect player
Keeps his head down and grinds
Stays out of trouble
No wonder Bill gave him that big contract

    Pablo Escobar Reply

    @alfarabi73 facts

    Gavin Rodriguez Reply

    @alfarabi73 Butler was great in 2016, otherwise he was just slightly above average

    Monkey George Reply

    @alfarabi73 but the stats don’t help during the situation. Gilmore has gave up points on big plays but has also I believe made up for those in different games. Idk I feel like he’s just another janoris Jenkins no offense

    peaceandllov Reply

    That’s a lot of ESPN cliched horseshit

    Hailong Xiao Reply

    Now the contract looks like a bargain

Kynx Reply

You should have made this last year, Stephon Gilmore has been very dominate for the past 3 season.

    Dan B Reply

    @Greysen Gagne lol dude they’ve been caught cheating multiple time and it’s not because they bad

    Greysen Gagne Reply

    @Dan B They’ve literally never been “caught” cheating, once. Saying “they cheated” is just a defense mechanism you losers use in arguments, as material for your shitty cases.

    Nicholas Dunn Reply

    Arash M Isn’t creating a good system that players want to play in part of the coaching tho?

    Chocolate Glazed Donut Reply

    Dan B It is not the pats fault that they are in the afc east and the nfl teams dont make their own schedules, nfl executives do so You cant blame it on those two factors. If the other teams are not up to par, thats there problem not the pats.

Fingering Things Reply

He’s what makes the Pats defense so dominant

    Ken Kaneki Reply

    @Joe yeah I’m not trolling their secondary is overrated

    HotShotGuy 01 Reply

    @Antz Spam YT I know right!

    I ate those food Reply

    @Ken Kaneki I’m sure if it’s so easy why don’t you go do it

    Pumitri Reply

    @Ken Kaneki yh you’ll see you’re wrong come playoff time. Just wait

    Love Desai Reply

    This is 💯 true. Bills defenses have only been dominant when he’s had one very good Shutdown corner, from Ty Law, to Asante, to Revis, briefly Butler and now Gilmore. When he has that, his entire playbook is open and he can run any scheme cause he knows that corner won’t get beat. Yes the rest of secondary is very good too and experienced within the system, however Gilmore is the KEY. This defense is Bills greatest Masterpiece and as a Bears fan, our defense pales in comparison to the Pats. The national media needs to start paying attention to this defense as one of the best ever, because they are approaching that conversation. Don’t give me that strength of schedule crap and watch them shutdown Mahomes in December. 7 pts per game allowed defensively, that’s just ridiculous IMO.

Shuai Wang Reply

I can listen to this guy talking about football alllll day

Vinny Darnell Reply

This is why Bill paid him instead of Malcolm Butler…in Bill we trust!

    jimmyboy1582 Reply

    Malcolm would get burned on multiple plays. The same is happening to him in TN. i think we kept him cause he was hero of the superbowl.

    The Dream Merchant Reply

    @jimmyboy1582 He actually was progressing the 2 seasons following that SB interception but then seemed to drop off a lot starting in the 2017-18 season.

Austin Boston Reply

That is why patriots are smart to get him from buffalo

    Chris Shanklin Reply

    Buffalo has a better defense😦

villen Reply

Gilmore playing like his hairline depends on it

    Kaizaro123 Reply

    Everyone knows all the best CBs have questionable hairlines!

    Ariel Hernandez Reply

    @Kaizaro123 wtf lol


If there’s ever an asteroid heading towards earth. Don’t worry. Gilmore will intercept it.

    Nehemiah Ricks Reply


    ShowTime Bwatts Reply


    jimmyboy1582 Reply

    So its a throw from the legendary Peterman?

    Tao 타키오 Reply

    Or at the very least deflect it out into outer space 90° another way.

ChArLz In ChArGe Reply

Stephan Gilmore is a football version of Kawhi Leonard.

    J Boogy Reply


    Jalen Green Reply


    Bellmane 45 Reply

    Good comparison

    74kjohnson Reply

    Yes it’s rare for a guy playing that position to be so humble. Shutdown corners are usually some of the biggest divas behind a star receiver.

    Tao 타키오 Reply


Berg the 89th Reply

And many thought he was overpaid in his first season with NE, myself included.

BlueRay Reply

after he pops that ball up, he drives Tate away from the ball so he can’t recover or even try and stop the int. Heads up play!

Ben Sanchez Reply

He also wears TY Laws number


Who else here from MA? Pats nation babyyyy

Tronix Reply

F*king love Baldy Breakdon’s, the guy who gets the 1 highfive from Belichik 😂

Peterson Brothers Reply

When Bill pay you that much money you know he believe in you. So JUST DO YOUR JOB GILMORE..

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