Breaking Down Tom Brady’s First Press Conference as a Buccaneer | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Emilio Chavez Reply


Papa Het Reply

1st Pat’s nation here…reborn as a Buc

    Papa Het Reply

    @daytona james 😎 LFG!!!

    Buc Wild Reply

    Welcome aboard mate. WARNING: “It’s A BUCS Life” not all gonna be smooth sailing here🤨

    Papa Het Reply

    @Buc Wild ☠ Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate!! Bring those waves…🤘

    jeff goodrich Reply

    Your jump in is to watch all games we lost by 1 score over the last decade. Welcome to Tampa

    C Los Reply

    Walk the plank.

EaglesSteelersFangirl Reply

This is hard to watch for Pats fans.🙁

    alex_de_tampa Reply

    Come aboard our pirate ship. We can be your NFC team 😉

    akosh1976 Reply

    Lol…and who saying that? an eagle and steelers fan…makes zero sense

    Mashed Potato Reply

    @alex_de_tampa I’m getting on Bucs bandwagon until Brady retires.

    ryan leslie Reply

    @Mashed Potato once a buc always a buc😉😏😂

    Mashed Potato Reply

    @ryan leslie Pats lifer man. Brady is god for us. Gotta support him.

alex_de_tampa Reply

I wanna see a new RT, pass catching RB, and DT signed or drafted.

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    We have a pass catching RB in RJ. Just need more targets. He was the no.1 ranked RB in passing game per FO.

Tem Reply

amazing content it was really good

Tem Reply

cool video keep up the amazing work

James Rodriguez Reply

Wouldn’t it be so crazy if we won the Super Bowl in our home stadium because Super Bowl will be held in Tampa that will be history

    ryan leslie Reply

    Prolly another reason Tom came to tampa. I wouldnt be surprised at all. We’ve waited long enough for another superbowl appearance.

    Karl Pascua Reply

    Im praying for that.. 👍

Mysterious Man?? Reply

Great content peeps! Keep it up I’m so happy to watch every episode in times like this, ESPN is trash

michael corley Reply

Draft Jonathan Taylor . He gonna be all pro . 230 lbs and ran a 4.3 40 .
Great vision great blocker great hands .

    GlassTopRX7 Reply

    I can’t see that, the early pick will likely go to the O line and other needs. RoJo made 180 last year I think we’re good enough at running back.

    michael corley Reply

    @GlassTopRX7 Now that they have resigned Suh they are going after Trent Williams from the redskins .

    GlassTopRX7 Reply

    @michael corley This is a team played with like 1M in cap space where is all the room coming from? Anyway sounds great though.

    michael corley Reply

    @GlassTopRX7 They had 90 million under the cap at the start of free agency. Also just restructured cam brates contract .

    GlassTopRX7 Reply

    @michael corley Well that’s still concerning that mean a lot of players have to resign.

Matthew Williams Reply

Watch him go through all his progressions. He literally looks off dbs for tds

Gary Mattox Reply

Good video and great information for us that don’t know the bucks ie the players yet..

Alec Piche Reply

there’s more dislikes on this video than chargers fans

favorites for David Reply

Why are people acting like Tom Brady has a noodle for an arm? May not be a cannon but it’s adequate enough.

813Productions Reply

Can’t wait to see the 🐐take the field with the Bucs🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Brock Reply

New Uniforms next week

Nathan's Gamin Now Reply


Double S Reply

All this hype for the Bucs to go 8-8

    Mashed Potato Reply

    At least he got you looking at Bucs

    ryan leslie Reply


    ryan leslie Reply

    Bucs lost 7 of there 9 games by 1 posession and Winston threw like 18 pics in those 7… Why do you think they wanted Tom smh…

    michael corley Reply

    Bucs defense finished last 8 games 5th in the NFL 9 against the pass 1st against the run all season . with 4 rookies in the backfield .
    If you want to make a wager on that prediction we can open an escrow acct on nerd wallet and put our money where our mouth is . I got a hundo that says they will win more that 8 .

V T Reply

Chill out tampa! You guys are going to the playoffs this year, at the ver least.

GlassTopRX7 Reply

IDK I was not impressed with the presser at all. Tom didn’t give one sincere answer aside from perhaps missing some people. That not really uncommon but it’s still very disappointing.

bowlchamps37 Reply

Brady not only gives the Bucs hope because of his play on the field. I am more confident in the team because I trust Brady´s knowledge. Because I am pretty sure Brady sees a LOT of potential in this team. Otherwise he would not have signed with us. And that may even be a stronger message for Bucs fans to look forward to.
So if Brady goes to Tampa, he does it because he feels like this is a good team.

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