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Elektra Sparks

I agree with this. I’m quite disappointed in the Packers.

Yoboi Boy

Oh god. I cant wait for cowboys vs eagles. All this trash talk is making me sick 🤢

    Anthony Malinak

    undericesinger dude they have the same amount of touchdowns and interception and Wentz even has more yards 😂😂😂

    Aajish Marahatta

    Anthony Malinak wentz has legit played one more game🤦‍♂️

    Anthony Malinak

    Aajish Marahatta 😂😂😂 I actually just forgot and I feel stupid

    Aajish Marahatta

    Anthony Malinak ok😂

Xxxtentacion Fly High

Hell yah go eagles

    Curtis Reinas

    Xxxtentacion Fly High fly eagles fly 🦅🦅🦅

Jahir Valdez

Six plays that ended the game for green bay **


    danny woodson you’re a grade A hater

    Jahir Valdez

    @danny woodson Poison? You’re trippen bro he’s still pretty good. Not 2 years ago good but he’s good enough this year but just wait till his receivers are all good then they’ll turn it up watch

    Vincent James

    @danny woodson Dude he’s solid. Quit hating

    Empty soul

    danny woodson
    You sir, have an incredibly low IQ.


I wont be surprised to see this match up again later on the season

    danny woodson

    Won’t happen Carson wentz makes everyone worse


    @danny woodson hater


Dear Green Bay Packers,
Enjoy OJ = Overrated Jimmy.

Seattle Seahawks


    Bret Lebo

    metalxmecha567 truth, Graham onlu did good early in his career because of brees. Way more credit than he ever should have had as a Te

    Sir Robin of Camelot

    Oh we’ve been on the Jimmy hate train for a while lol. But thanks for the sympathy.

    There was one replay of him blocking earlier in the season and basically just let a guy go, and I was like that’s it. Guy needs to get cut.

Jackjuke Scott

i love the vids were yall break stuff down


Sendejo almost killed Maddox. Why wasn’t that on here

    shaped by incense

    Has nothing to do w his breakdown

D. Thomas

The Pack better get it together. It’s Week 4, dawg.

ronnie ross

Yo jimmy, you are not obj.
Use two hands next time.
Fly eagles fly.


    @Ryan Snider whens the last time yall won the division lmaooo. And ik ur gonna bring up the past….EVEN THOUGH RN YALL ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE LEAGUE WITH YALL FUTURE QB……….DANIEL JONES LMFAOOOOO

    Ryan Snider

    BLVCKMAMBA 24 we also were the same record with you two days ago so I wouldn’t be talking

    Mark Hilditch

    @Ryan Snider Yeah but we couldve easily been 3-0 if our good wr’s were in and healthy.




When I first read “saved the Eagles season”, i thought that was a bit of an exaggeration. However, if you really think about it, it’s actually spot on. I think going into week five with a 1-3 record would’ve been a great hindrance to the team’s morale, especially when their division rival is 3-0 right now and likely to go 4-0 this weekend. I believe this W truly is going to change their mindset for the rest of the season.


    BLVCKMAMBA 24 Yet the Eagles played Redskins and Lions 😂 and almost lost to the Redskins, and lost to the Lions at a home opener for the Eagles, which is depressing. There is no excuse to lose to the Lions. Cowboys are performing a lot better against worst teams than the Eagles. The fact the Redskins held Eagles 17-0 by half is depressing for the Eagles and they had majority of their starters. Once the Redskins had 4 injuries in a row then the Eagles started to catch up. If the Redskins didn’t have all those injuries that game the Redskins would of won. Also even with that good O Line Wentz is doing worse than Dak. Cowboys will definitely take the division this year, as they did last year and beat the Eagles twice, with Carson and without Carson. Carson and the Eagles are overrated.

    Vote For Pedro124

    @BlueOrBlew lmao delusional cowgirl, plays the 3 worst teams in the league and doesn’t know how to act. also love how you leave out how desean and jeffery plus all the other people that weren’t playing and it took 2 dropped passes to lose and even so they still almost won but that’s a typical cowgirl move. you’ll be quiet with the rest of the roaches when they lose to the saints tomorrow.


    @Ivan Beltran L we had a superbowl 2 years ago with our main pieces in that run still on our roster. IMAGINE A RING BEING OVERRATED. Cowbitches had one of the easiest first 3 games in the league. Eagles are struggling with injuries but have a lighter schedule on the come while the cowbitches have a very difficult second half of the season

    Thitsureya Detvongsa

    @Bret Lebo And we were almost close with our tough games too. We had falcons and Lions and we were just shy from beating them

    Bret Lebo

    Thitsureya Detvongsa yes sir! People laugh at the Lions, they are no joke this year

sniper47 2003

It’s one game. Dang u guys are all over jimmy graham. He’s actually done pretty well for the packers this season and really helped out the Seahawks and saints. I’ll admit he’s not the best blocker but don’t be all over him after 1 game

Mekhi Morris

Gg to the eagles. But I bet next time we play yall we WONT lose

    Jammar Flipricorn

    Mekhi Morris what?

Escalade Buzz

Anybody see at 2:17 the guy open on the bottom right?

Fingering Things

Rip Green Bay Elite Defense

September 2019 – September 2019


Tell the NFL Network to give Brian Baldinger his own hour-long show.

Mi B

“saved the eagles season” seems a bit dramatic. It was only the eagles 4th game.

Ardle Tenorio

@2:44 you could say Rodgers could’ve led him a bit more but you could also say that the eagles defense just straight shut out the packers for the last six plays.

Ercihan Ateş

actually at 2:19 even it’s a bad play call Aaron Rodgers puts the ball perfectly in his recievers hands but just very bad hands by the reciever. (Pats fan) And btw perfect analysis by Brain Baldinger. keep it up plase!

Shady Shinichi

2 dropped passes from being 4-0…you don’t get second chances Eagles!

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