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grim farm Reply

Rank 1 in running

Trying to get 1,000 Subs with no vids Reply

Ravens look really Good!!!!🤩❤️💕❤️

grim farm Reply

This year!!

Bj Calwise Reply

Ravens flock?

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Can’t wait till Sunday!!!!!!

FatalRice3317 Reply

I was first view

Sang Nguyen Reply

Let’s get it

Deborah Kerns Reply

We’ll see what happens…
Go Ravens…🏈💜🏈🖤🏈💛

Lion Thomas Reply

Gus da bus….looks like Gus da shuttle bus……gotten lean man…….TD’S TD’S TD’S

Orgojunkie Reply


king shark Reply

0:52 , hey that’s the guy we should have been grooming for #1 , cant say awww we need a veteran presence, hell we let vets go at qb1, for a new young home grown talent, why not at rb too.

Seem we curbing rbs from being stars on the team. Knowing ingram at best got 2yrs in him, and that’s two yrs taken away from gus making a name and getting the bag.

We be moving the goal post on the rb position. Lol

Blade Brown, Blocked By URL Reply

Let ESPN and eeeeevery body else keep sleeping on us while pumping up the Browns and Steelers. Ravens are gonna snatch respect by the throat this year.

    tmbro Banks Reply

    Always counting us out

    praise JESUS King and Savior Reply

    I agree. But also consider there’s the refs, and the Ravens have a tougher schedule than the Browns and Steelers. Like for example, why do the Ravens play the Chiefs again this year, but the Browns and Steelers don’t? The Ravens played the Chiefs last year. The Browns and Steelers should too to be fair. Also, if the refs and the league don’t want the Ravens to win, the refs can always call garbage holding penalties on long Lamar scrambles. I have seen several Lamar Jackson long runs called back when there was no real holding and which it didn’t effect the play. So this season when you see Lamar go for those long runs, you might see that yellow flag and tossed and be like “What?! that’s not holding! That’s not a hold!”

Ravens Review Reply

Gus looks lean and mean this year!

ColdRain34 Leo Reply

Gus is ready to take that #1 Spot from Mark this year He might just do it….

Savage Trick Reply

so grateful my ravens are such an undervalued Team. making huge Money with handycap betting on them 😀 best regards from Germany!

Brandon Koontz Reply

I picked up Justice with my last pick in fantasy just because i believe he has the highest ceiling aside from Mark Ingram

RealRullah 727 Reply

GUS THE BUS!!!!💪🏽💪🏽

Sam Wyse Reply

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El - Amin Reply

One thing I know for a certainty is that #35, can ball. That brother, Gus Edwards, is a competent and dependable bull dozer!


Leroy Worsley Reply

We have 3 Good Backs!

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