Breaking Down the Rams Defensive Front (Week 12) | All-22 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down the Rams Defensive Front (Week 12) | All-22

Andy Benoit breaks down a big fourth quarter sack from the Rams defensive front in Week 12 against the 49ers.

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UCE Xy Reply

So sad we loss but we finna bounce back just watch

Kitone Naseem Reply

Do Bette on offense 😪

Tom Ludlow Reply

I don’t want to see accolades from losses

Shareef King Jr Reply

We definitely lost because of Goff.. I would assume we are the best second-half team?

    franklin gomez Reply

    yeah man, im one of the biggest goff fan/supporter, but he definitely needs to step it up or we wont go nowhere☹

    Shareef King Jr Reply

    @franklin gomez right im frm Oakland cali, i watched him at Cal a few time in person so i get where you’re coming frm..

    franklin gomez Reply

    @Shareef King Jr definitely not a coincidence that im a cal fan and rams fan lol😂🐻🐏🔛🔝

Corona light Reply

Need a Qb Goff has no consistency

Mr. Infinity Reply

Swept the Sheep 💪

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    Whats your record.

    Mr. Infinity Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses 5-6 we coming for dem playoffs though

49er San Francisco Reply

The San Francisco 49ers

Undisputed era Darion Allen Reply


Boss of the Bosses Reply

Goff is the weak link on this team..

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