That Boii Tsunami

Jacob’s for rookie of the year

    J Dad

    @jagsfanrick 😂

    Manuel Ray

    Let’s go baby!!!!


    @jagsfanrick hes 2-3


    @MRWHATITDO24 what is the he stuff?? It’s a team effort not just 1 person.


    jagsfanrick minshew!? 😂😂😂😂

Sosa Hunnah

Josh Jacobs is a beast 🔥

    Sosa Hunnah

    Who’s mans is this

    Caleb Queen

    @Sosa Hunnah lol, he replied the same thing to my comment too.


    @Drew4Two Gaming tf are you on lmao

    Drew4Two Gaming

    StonerKid829 you’ll see don’t worry and everyone will be sorry for everything for those who will be left behind
    when he comes back

    Stay Limitless

    Drew4Two Gaming big facts he is coming not being sarcastic either HE IS COMING

Yo Yo

Bears defense and chiefs offense getting exposed badly

    Donuts 1520

    Lol its one game. They knew mack too. Werent dumb like the others and ignored him.

    Joshua scott

    @Donuts 1520 I don’t want to hear it y’all the one that wants to Bragg all week talking about Mack will do this Mack will do that IIDC Mack only had 1 touch on Carr but that was it No sacks bears defense for roast by are offense no excuses take that giant L

    Carlos Pimentel

    Let them suckas know bruh!! #RAIDERNATION

    Eric 478

    Joshua scott dudes were missing open tackles on defense, chase Daniel threw 3 picks, bears o line cannot create running opportunities let alone block properly, chase Daniel has zero awareness, but credit to gruden for flying way earlier in the week tho

    Joshua scott

    @Eric 478 yea


Great game by the Raiders!! One of the best Running Backs in the league hands down 🔥

    Lucid Dreams

    Top 10 but not the best.


    Lucid Dreams that’s why he said ONE of the best

yo booty stank

Raiders haven’t allowed a sack to both Denver’s AND Chicago’s defense this year 👀

    Aldo Maldonado

    @Randy Koney so what we lost to the Vikings? Raiders also beat the Colts and Colts beat the Chiefs, who had beat us a few weeks back, that’s how the leage goes lol just give credit where it’s due

    StunniGod 666

    @Jacob Gomez Von Miller is definitely elite its not all about sacks Von can stop the run as well not his fault the Broncos can’t build around him

    duet steam

    rideeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Randy Koney

    @Aldo Maldonado then you should give credit to the bears coaching staff for not having the bears players ready to play that game, cause if the Raiders were really good, they would have blown the bears out,

    Chauncie Olden

    Randy Koney excuses that’s all you’re making better team won this was a playoff team a year ago playing a team that’s learning how to win


I really thought oakload raiders were gonna be one of the worst teams in the league I guess I was wrong but good job beating the bears defense

    The Umbrella Man

    As a Raiders fan/ realist you are half wrong. Happy for the win, but they need to play better if they hope to compete.


    @The Umbrella Man you don’t know what you saying the last year Raiders would have gotten blown out, they were so bad.

    The Umbrella Man

    swave158 didn’t mean they were as bad as last year, just saying there is still work to be done.

    Glen Todd

    @The Umbrella Man Yep, alot of work to be done before we Raiders fans can start talking playoffs or even an above .500 season.

    I love the direction they’re headed tho!

    Brandon Francis

    @Glen Todd I wouldn’t say all that. A lot of work needs to be done, but you can say that about a lot of teams in the NFL. We can definitely start talking about being above .500 (I mean…we are now sooooo why not?) and as they get better and healthier (can’t wait until Gabe Jackson gets back!) who knows what can happen in what looks to be a wide open AFC.

Smoove Gaming

[FunFact] ever since Khalil Mack joined the Bears no other team has been able to score 24points or more and gain 398 yards in the regular season until the Raiders did yesturday..


    @Robert Jackman its fine man we caught the dub let the bears fans be sorry

    Jake Lamont

    Well, if ya think about it. He was on their team. Not just on their team, but their bread and butter defensively.
    They know his weaknesses and schemed it up well.

    Synyster Hope

    @Jake Lamont You could probably also say no QB knows Mack better than Carr. Probably has a good idea of where hes going to pressure.

    Jacob Lestina

    Robert Jackman yeah but that’s the reason we lost let’s be real if the raiders had s shitty quarterback they wouldn’t be 3-2

    Chandler Hefley

    @Synyster Hope Bingo!


That looks like a Jon Gruden’s offense, to me… A power Half back with a HUGE, MEAN offensive line….

    Scotty Boggs

    No! That’s an Al Davis offence, beat you up in the first half and beat you in the second half. This might be approaching the level of offensive lines the Raiders had in the 70’s and this is without Gabe Jackson.

    Richard Adorno

    Jack Tate Al was vertical this is ground attack. Just how chucky operated first time around


    @Jack Tate Al Davis loves throwing the ball down the field…


    @Scotty Boggs Al Davis loves throwing the ball down the field. Jon Gruden loves the “so-called” West Coast offense. It’s “so-called” because Jon likes to pound the ball behind the “BIG uglies”. Like he did with Tyrone Wheatley., back the early 2000s Oakland Raiders. Traditionally, the west coast offense desires a half back who can run & catch… Which Josh Jacobs is a combination of both…

StunniGod 666

Hudson and Richie were killing that line yesterday😂


    ..and we should get pro bowler Gabe Jackson back after the bye. 💀🏴💀🏴💀🏴


    Gabe comes back next game offense line about be lit💯


    DEMETRIC RYLES aye denzel good has been playing good af not gonna lie but im hyped for our big gabe to be back!!!

Big Rig

That Jacob’s spin move was so smooth, what a beauty

    Bay Area 510

    Left #21 looking stupid

    ccenda 310

    Bay Area 510 Alabama alumni makes another Alabama alumni look stupid

yoboi ac

He’s a beast Period.

On God Bro

Raiders vs Packers is going to be Fun to Watch 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏈

    C Givens

    Waiting for that one gone be a show !!

    Donuts 1520

    Fr. Ez packs


    Donuts 1520 😂

Patrick C

raiders are still missing their starting pro-bowl right guard

zettle 234

The Raiders showed what they can do… let’s see if they can do that every week, all season. Because that’s what it takes, not playing good every now and then, but playing at your best all the time.

Kalani Pickard

So funny how people criticized us for making Trent brown the highest paid tackle… This brother straight dominates d-linemen.

Rex Russell

The Raiders O line and D line were the real Monsters of the midway.

Frank V

I remember PFF saying the Raiders reached on Jacobs in the 1st round. They said the Raiders reached on all their picks, but it looks like most of those picks are playing and playing pretty well.


    Well clenin ferell is still trying to find his footing, read somewhere he has to he lowest one vs one wining percentage against a olineman. The raiders have a very good dlineman coach with a nice rotation keeping guys fresh. Mo hurst had a great game too

    Frank V

    @KeepItLit Ferrell is a smart player. He has a good IQ for a rookie. Sure he doesn’t get sacks but he seals the edge and they also have him playing inside. I don’t see him as a pro bowler but he looks like a solid player.


Josh Jacobs is small and compact but hella strong, like a Porsche💯

    Yvette Marie

    Raider97Nation Jones doesn’t look that small to me 😂

George Feeny


Undea Khann

“They launch rockets.”

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