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Teo Strong

First like boyyyys

Tony Price


JoJoe MC

The offense will have to be on it’s A game every week with the trash(pass) Defense we have.

    King Football

    True dude we keep getting burnt on deep posts

Intel Acer

You don’t need a game plan against the jets you just have to show up lol

    michael munoz

    Intel Acer we cannot underestimate the opponent as they are all pros’ … we have to play our hearts off every game regardless of the opponent. GO EAGLES 🦅


    @michael munoz Eagles always take it one game at a time. That is why when they win they say 1-0. One game at a time. What we think or predict as fans has no effect on the game if it did the Pats would lave lost by 150 points by my prediction in SB52 but that was not the case.

    Slidein5 U

    Look what happened with the redskins my guy……lol

michael munoz


Enoch Lee

Eagles are the kind of team to beat the Packers but lose to the Jets. I love this team


    Sorry the Eagles are trying to win the division losing is not a option.

    Enoch Lee

    @hamhockbeans I’m not sure what to address first: that you took offense from my totally serious comment or the fact that you liked your own reply

Call Me J. R.

Its was really 26 carries cause Wentz running the ball really doesn’t count cause it was not a design run play.

    Rakeem SW

    Call Me J. R. It doesn’t matter if it was designed, it was still a rushing attempt

Ben Williams

Chicky and Pete’s. You only make the second name plural.

M Pa

Darnold Anderson Crowder and Bell are going to have a field day against the Eagles bad pass defense. Offense needs to score 30+ again


    M Pa assuming Darnold even plays lol


    Really we confident one. If that is the case why the hell the Jets are still without a win. You better hope this is a close game or this comment will be a epic failure.

Chris Cobach

The eagles are so blessed Stout could easily be a head coach.


    Lets focus on keeping him.

Rimo K.

Wentz: You guys are in a band? Lol.


Everyone thinks this game is a lock…. I’m ohilly all the way but we are not good enough to overlook any team


    @mrgpc333 Your right this will be the last response to your comment I only talk to adults who don’t get triggered so easy. 😂


    @hamhockbeans your the type that thinks we good enough with our secondary non existent and can’t cover anyone. .. I watch the games and anyone can tell we are not good enough to overlook teams… all I said…. don’t need to hear your dumbass comments


    @hamhockbeans thank you


    @hamhockbeans think I care what you think???? Na I’m an adult that takes care of my shut you probably still living with mommy


    @hamhockbeans the way you responded to my comment just showed me how immature you are…. I wasn’t talking to you… I can say whatever I want… as can you… don’t need you responding that’s all…. call me a child? ?? Don’t even know me so just don’t look at what I say


This should be like a free space on a bingo board. Hopefully Brandon and Fletcher can get some confidence from this game. I also hope Derek Barnett can breakout.

Darth Vix

just use JH and have Miles learn from him

Juan flores

It’s like they are trying to tell the ops our game… damn let them figure it out lol I’m js there are some Patriots lurking

Goat Stature

It really looks like when you watch the tape Green Bay did not come out to play that night defensively they played very soft they were all over the place they looked worn out because of the Thursday night schedule we played great but I also think Green Bay then play their best game I mean look at the fucking the holes the offensive line made SMH


Would be a pretty eagles thing to beat the packers and then lose to the jets

John Lancaster

The blocking this year has been exceptional.

Rio Mio

Every eagles fans
Eagles game plan:

“Get jalen Ramsey”

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