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Breaking down the first wave of free agency

Tori Petry and Tim Twentyman break down the two trades and eight free agents the team has agreed to terms with so far.

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TheComicalCanadian Reply

nice video keep up the great content

Jacob costello Reply

I ship them


“Reconnect with family” AKA….AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Stirling Larson Reply

Tim ‘useless’ Twentyman. Tori’s cool tho 😉


We did great this year in free agency. Now lets nail this draft!

    Ryan Flanagan Reply


    Jacob Olson Reply


    Andrew Isham Reply

    Sorry I don’t agree that we did great in FA

Ryan Flanagan Reply


Bernard Brooks Reply

Tim Twentypoon! still as goofy as ever

Iz Sincere Reply

Pull the trigger on Simmons before Okudah can’t go wrong with either but Simmons I believe if Patricia knows how to use Simmons could have more of a instant impact than Okudah

StaTiC MaJoR 20/20 Reply

Please stay healthy Jamie Collins .. PLEASE!!! I love him as a player and wanted the lions to get him 2-3 years ago!?

    Michael Lane Reply

    Why,he got waived by the CLEVELAND BROWNS.Let that sink in.

Michael Lane Reply

Any good gm takes tua and gets extra pics IN A DRAFT DAY TRADE.WOW,HAS QUINN REALLY NOT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS?THE LIONS WON 3 GAMES LAST YEAR,So its not like theyre going to a superbowl in the 2020 season.
Michael Lane for NEW lions gm.

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    One question. Were you okay with them drafting TJ hockenson last year?

    Michael Lane Reply

    @James D’KAI [DAH-KAY] hockenson was all right,but I wouldve chose ED OLIVER OR MONTEZ SWEAT,BEFORE HOCKENSON.Our defense is long overdue being addressed.

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    @Michael Lane Why not hokenson?

    Heavysoldjier Gaming Reply

    Taking tua is dumb when you have a QB rn and a mandate to win now. If the mandate was not there and stafford was at the point of about 2 years left on his career sure. Green Bay does this when their QB is 35 roughly and thats the way to do it. Right now we need to either take okudah there or even better trade back hopefully to 5th still get okudah or simmons and extra picks. Then you have to address the offensive line and defense more after that.

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    @Heavysoldjier Gaming well said!

James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

2 questions the first question How many games did we play without Darius Slay last year? The second question How did we do in those games in the passing without Darius Slay in those games?

Rudy Cianfarani Reply

Can we just act like we want Tua! Please

Anthony L Reply

Cant wait for another losing season!

Isaiah Nagurski Reply

If you think about it unless some crazy stuff happens in Chase Young is available at three if the Lions trade back with the dolphins they go to five the bangles take Joe the Redskins take Chase dolphins take ttua or HerbertAnd let’s say the Giants take Simmons then we can take a cooler if the Giants take a literally anybody else we could pull the trigger on Simmons I know a lot of people are saying they won’t take Simmons because they signed Colin and they signed a couple safeties but why not take a guy who is young athletic and can just make plays on defense I mean the kids said he doesn’t play a position he plays defense

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