Breaking Down the 2021 NFL Schedule | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down the 2021 NFL Schedule | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report on the latest news and breakdown the 2021 NFL Schedule.
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jimmy pickles Reply


    Mena Skywalker Reply

    Huzzah captain pickles!

CB Reply

The poor lady on the left doesn’t even get a name she’s just Go Bucs 😂

    RarelyEvenn Reply

    Bucs fans know who Casey Phillips is.

    Mysterious Man?? Reply

    We know this Casey , keep up lol

Mena Skywalker Reply

New costume
Who dis
Alright boys
Onward and forward ⚔

King Gemini Reply


T Noah Thomas Reply

Cross country games Rams then the Pats…

    Paul Cowart Reply

    Yeah tough stretch right there

Jacob Sine Reply

The Buccaneers will win the Superbowl

RarelyEvenn Reply

Casey is so pretty.

Steve Smith Reply

I am really looking forward to that Pats game! Toms REVENGE!!!

    Melancholy Puppy Reply

    Its the one time an NFL game won’t be understated. This is like the warriors vs okc when Durant left

AJ Kkura Reply

I dont like the Week 3 and Week 4 match: Rams in Los Angeles and cross country to Tampa then Foxborough against Pats. Like How??

    Melancholy Puppy Reply

    Brady and gronk will feel at home lol

    AJ Kkura Reply

    @Melancholy Puppy ye they are, I guess Beli wants a piece of the 7th ring. 😅🤣 AB was a Pats too.

Kawe'a Akuna Reply

TB will win 5 more rings in “TOMPA” as a playa❤ 10 as a GM/HC😎

    Paul Cowart Reply

    You know so wish Brady would have come to Tampa a few years earlier

Mysterious Man?? Reply

Rams game,ca bucs what we doin?

Johnny Dean Reply

In 299 career games. Tom Brady has never played a game in LA.

Paul M Reply

The Prime Time lights were a little too bright for the Bucs last year. That has changed and they’re a different team. Wire to wire. One game at a time.

D&T Reply

Don’t worry about Prime Time games, the last one they played they won…., easily…… 😉

JJ Faris Reply

14-3 (Potential losses to LAR, Indy, and the Bills). Josh Allen will be in run again for MVP. Of course can’t rule out NO

    Shawn Aldrich Reply

    Brady is 33 and 3 against the bills so ya

Paul Cowart Reply

Probably not gonna happen but a NE vs Tampa for SB56 would be cool or a repeat of Brady/MaHomes

trekbsg Reply

It’s casual Casey day👌(Scott always dresses casually😉). Go Bucs!🏈🏴‍☠️

DMD Reply

Glazer’s out

stanglassman Reply

Kinda stinks the Bucs get stuck with two Thursday night games. I really liked the idea of getting our Thurs. night game done in week one.

Mar B Reply

Bucs winning the superbowl again

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