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Tariq Ginkinger

I thought Russell Wilson was a a qb not a magician

    Wes Takahashi

    Hard to tell


    @Wes Takahashi Ikr


If you a hawks fan, make this botton blue💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    A Fucking Bird


    U done messed up A-Aron

    JoseDavis I am a Hawks fan but nah u begging

    Glow 44


    Andrew Haryadi

    Hawks ? Atlanta Hawks ?

    U done messed up A-Aron

    Andrew Haryadi seahawks

Will Tyler

Whenever I see a Baldy breakdown I click!

Seahawks Fan

The thing I like the most about watching Wilson is he’s so accurate deep if he throws it deep you already know something good is going to happen

    Gabe Era

    Very true hes not 100% but its pretty Damn close. If jake browning was a better deep ball passer huskies woulda won more important games.


    They really work the camera angles to make it suspenseful with the ball in the air.

    Frederick Jacobson

    I said this same thing to a buddy almost verbatim during the game. As soon as you see Wilson set up to throw it deep you know the pass will be completed. Seemingly 8-9/10 times.

    Zakariye Mohamud


    Jdub jsjs

    I jump out of my chair in anticipation when I see him launch it

Andi S

Wilson is Houdini magician for backyard football. !

Carlos Garcia

That jump throw would look beautiful in real speed

David Riedy

Man, what a game that was! Russell Wilson was amazing to watch. Sure was something


This is what a QB with legs must aspire to be. Awesome.

Raudel Villa

Russell Wilson is the best QB 👏🏼

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them

    Raudel Villa according to Cowboys fans dak is

    Ryan Hill

    Go hawks but, Russell has a lot of work before he’s the greatest. He can’t throw anyone open, he can only make the wide open throws. His best plays are deep balls when the receiver has a step or when he scrambles long enough someone drops coverage. He doesn’t make the bread and butter passes like a Drew Brees or a Tom Brady. It’s not the o-line, Russell is taking too much time to throw it. He is very accurate and mobile though, so if he can improve this skill, he is in the running for GOAT imo.


That game winning Ted is on talib there’s already a Spy for the qb u see him coming up on the right if he stayed on his man Russ would’ve had nowhere to go with the ball


    DaiDaGreat idk Russ would’ve been 1-on-1 with a defender before the endzone and I’ve seen him put dudes on skates in 1-on-1 matchups like that a plenty of times before. That situation really was pick your poison.

Original Man - Moorish Heritage

Patriots fan here but I root for Russell! Dude has been a top QB in the league for years now! So underrated.

    Original Man - Moorish Heritage

    @Michael E. shut up.

    Original Man - Moorish Heritage

    @WRONG ppl forget that when they bring up top QB’s. . Brady, Russell, Rodgers, Mahomes!

    Sheila Robinson

    Original Man – Moorish Heritage It’s always: Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Mahomes, Ben. Russell is usually relegated to “top 10” like he’s above average but not elite! Some pundits even rate Wentz above Wilson. It’s sickening 😩😡

    Original Man - Moorish Heritage

    @Sheila Robinson that’s true!! The last 5 years Russell has been better than Ben based on the eye test. He’s top 5! Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Russell!


    Again. I agree with you 100% .

    Jesus Cuevas

    Original Man – Moorish Heritage oh cmon he’s top 2 he has nothing to work with every year and yet he manages to take his team to the playoffs every year put some respect on his name, he’s an MVP candidate this year

Aiden Alexis

He gotta be one of the best QBs this year MVP??

Luffy SkyWalker

The throw to Disley might’ve been the best throw Russell Wilson had that night… Go to 4:45 on the highlights of the game.. perfect pass


    that was my favorite play. idk how he put that in such a tight window and Dissley caught it how idk


Love watching him play, definitely one of the best in the league and he should be in mvp conversation.


    He is ever year lol


My man deserves some goodies after that performance.

Johnnyy Bravoo

When the Rams lose again, it feels good for WhoDatNation!

Rafael Felan

Love these breakdowns! Russ is amazing man. Not a Seahawks fan but he is definitely my favorite qb.


the seahawks are lucky to have russel Wilson, hes what makes them such a great team.

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them

    Screams_Echo facts

alex shevchenko

one thing I noticed from last year is just how good he is navigating in the pocket and amidst the chaos finding a way to make a play it’s pretty special.

It’s Me

I’m so glad Russ is on the QB of my team!!! Shout out to Tyler Lockett for that catch too!!! Those two are magic together!!! 💚💙💚💙

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