Breaking Down Lions Star Rookie TE TJ Hockenson’s Top Plays & How to Stop Him – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов

I was literally analyzing the lions before I got this notification 😂⚡️⚡️



Luis Ozuna

Damn don’t do this to me lol
Im a Chargers fan but have TJ Hockensen is on my fantasy football

    Buns Loco

    Luis Ozuna What type of fan are you?

thunderbolts 24

LB play will determine the outcome of this game because we just saw another great TE entering the league.

    thunderbolts 24

    @Buns Loco I’m gonna pray to the football gods the rest of the week lol.


    kyzir got him no problem

Akira Frederick

If Phillips Rivers stay sacked free chargers will win.. So Phillips Rivers move around dont stand there an get sack..⚡⚡LETS GO!!

    Buns Loco

    Akira Frederick He’s a late-30’s classic white QB. He ain’t gonna be doing much moving. OL needs to step up the pass protection. Colts had a helluva pass rush.


Wish we had Derwin for this guy

    Buns Loco

    Jony_B Ain’t that the truth. Adderley is gonna step it up, tho.


    @Buns Loco it’ll probably fall to Phillips and Kyzer. Bet they have Adderley warming up hard doh, i wonder if Tranquil even is in consideration. Whoever can get the job done

Buns Loco

Fucking Hunter Henry, man. 😒🤕🤕🤕


We can still win this game . Were better overall

    Dwayne K

    LA CHARGERS facts

James Medina

Lets get it again, Ekeler runs wild!

ann Craig

The Defense needs to communicate to be dominant.


ASAP come on Melvin Ingram, time to feast and leave Detroit with the W.!


Derwin probably the only player that can shut him out. Sucks we wont have him, TJ probably going to have a great game, but we getting that W. And thats what matters.

Johnny TheGod

Traded: Olsen for TJ Hockenson



Let’s mix in on a Drue Tranquil on TJ on a couple of drives and see what happens.BOLTS! Trade a 2nd round pick for M.Fitzpatrick!Fitz and DJ in November would be amazing!

    sam wroblewski

    Minkah is not a corner. We don’t need more safeties


DAMN DUNNO IF i should start TJ this week 2

based tyler

Derwin James would shut him out 🙁

Dãku Kaioshin

TBH I wonder how many other San Diegans stopped being fans once the team left. lol those guys r really stupid in my opinion but watch my boys hit the bowl this year n everyone’s gonna jump on da bandwagon #CHARGEDUP #BOLTSTRIKIN

James Nava

Cardinals suck


Lions fan here. TJ is a freak but if you get pressure on Stafford he will get jumpy. He can move in the pocket a bit, but he fumbled off two sacks last week which was actually the turning point in the game becuase we were dominating Ariz before that. What we’re talking about over here is what the Lions will do against Bosa and Ingram becuase our tackles played like crap last week. I honestly don’t know how this game is going to go, but the chargers will have their hands full either way with all the injuries you have. Patricia is a good defense coach, he will have some new looks for Rivers, and Trey Flowers gave you all problems in the AFC championship game. Not here to hate on you alls squad, but don’t think this is a pushover team by any means. This could be decided by a field goal.

Mario Martinez

He’s definitely a problem,hope we can cover him!!

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