Breaking Down Dwayne Haskins’ Third Preseason Game | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Isaiah Lopez Life

Dwayne won’t be a bust like if u agree

Connor Thornton


    Ka Kjj

    Connor Thornton stfu leafs trash

Kevin Pawl

This kid has a good future

Ka Kjj

Redskins have the easiest schedule but will still manage to go 5-11


Dwayne Haskins > Daniel Jones I’m sticking with my og statement Giants reached

    jojo baez

    I dislike your comment

HaLFNoob HaLFAmaZinG

Daniel Jones > Dwyane Haskins

Tyler ProTwist

Dwayne Trashkins

Kevin Pawl

ESPN tommorow,does Dwayne Haskins what out of the redskins because the name of the team?

Darknino Liberté

This Redskins vs Giants rivalry just got crazy lol

Guerrilla Warfare

Daniel played Cincinnati first team and Haskins played Atlanta 2nd team and barely did well

Juju az

Dwayne Bustkins

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