Breaking down Day 5 of Broncos Camp from UCHealth Training Center – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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#1 Broncos fan! Reply

Let’s go broncos!! 12-4

Hotshot Bronco Reply

11-5. Division champions.

    Aaron Humphrey Reply

    Hotshot Bronco Dreams are nice.

シB O I Reply

Juwwan he’s going to be crazy

    Juice Reply

    I said it when we drafted him. He WILL make this team! He’s really talented and has good hands. Also was a good route runner. He was going to be our number 1 last year before he got hurt and special someone became a superstar.

    Corey Bentsen Reply

    Kids on fire I’m super excited to see to buffs on the field killin it

    Jeremy S Reply

    Hopefully he is the answer at the slot.

King Flacko Reply

All depends on if our offense will be predictable to a 3rd grader. Last year our offense could’ve been better if we weren’t so predictable every play

    anuar0307 Reply

    King Flacko last year the coaches was Joseph and Musgrave, that’s why.

    redrider general Reply

    @anuar0307 amen!! I bet just a coach change, Keenum delivers

    The KK Channel Reply

    King Flacko I don’t think it will bro. Scangrello switches it up

SB_Redline Reply

8:12 Chris chilllll he didn’t have his helmet on lmaooooo

Broncos Stampede Reply

Keep Your Eyes On Daesean,Courtland And Juwann Could Steal Reps From Tim Patrick As The Number 4 W.R….P.S THE STRAP HARRIS MIC’D UP WHEN HE HIT PHILLIP…Imagine The Friendship Between Them Both…They Both Were Undrafted Rookie Free Agents…Both Torn The League Up Their First Year…And Both Have Made The Pro Bowl…We Always Hit The Mark With Our Undrafted Signings.

    on the street Reply

    Don’t be delusional bro

Mo CheeZe Reply

13 & 3 super bowl champions 🏆🏆🏆🏆

    glenard coleman Reply

    Great choice record. But I am saying 14-2.

    Hotshot Bronco Reply

    11-5. AFC West champions. We wait for the Super Bowl.

    Chris lilienthal Reply

    I honestly don’t think we’re there yet I say give us another year and we will be a very dominant team on both sides the ball

Jerome Schulze Reply

Tim patrick will be our go to guy.. !! And fant will be to as well and winfree needs to be pick returner or punt returner..

Macktron Reply

What a breath of fresh air from that bum we had knocking around the shop the last 2 seasons

_ AirAfterBurner98_ Reply

Watching this is so much better than watching it on tv

Jay S Reply

I’d be happy with 10-6 after the last two years…

manny g Reply

Denver Broncos …. Lets get it *Championships!!!! 🏆

Jahmiel White Reply

Denver Baby💪💪💪💪💪💪🙌

Jeremy S Reply

Alexis Perry=easy on the eye’s

Wee Herrera Reply

4:45 Kush Fangio I need smoke some of that

Ryan Hill Reply

That was my mom and brother right after the schedule showed

Denver Broncos Mile High View Reply

I guess when you work for a team you have to be ‘nice’ in your commentary.

    Karl Cross Reply

    Yep… truth in your post. They are saying the same thing they said the last few years. I know it will be better this year, but this channel is not were you go for real info/truth or maybe I should say the whole truth.

Christer Wade Reply

15 and 1 Superbowl Champs!

Ufa Kefe Reply

We going ship this year..

Tom Nelson Reply

Hope we can get to the playoffs

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