Breaking Down Daniel Jones’ Third Preseason Start | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Your Boi Kermit Reply


Kevin Pawl Reply

Daniel Jones throws like po the teletubbies.

pats12 Reply

Get used to taking those hits!

Taylor Made Reply

Daniel Jones isn’t that bad after all

    Kylan Bagley Reply

    Taylor Made he’s not bad at all?

    sports talks Reply

    He never was bad his team at Duke was bad and I am a Duke fan

    Rowan Fernsler Reply

    I never thought he was bad, just went 6th overall which I see as a waste

    sports talks Reply

    @Rowan Fernsler Duke won 8 games because of him

Viktor S Reply

Daniel Jones has Eli so worried he’s blocking 20 yards downfield in PRESEASON LMAO

    dee is your highness Reply


travel er Reply

Not first comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💙

Patchesmcgee123 Reply

Daniel Jones best rookie QB this season. Book it.

    Watch SportLive Reply

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Legend__ 21 Reply

Sit him for a season under eli’s wing and he could have a lot of potential to be an elite QB just like pat mahomes🤷🏾‍♂️💯

    Erick Colbert Reply

    Y’all gotta stop comparing QBs. Every QB is different.

    tlovehater Reply

    One year under Eli’s wing and he’ll be throwing INTs like there’s no tomorrow lol.

    Erick Colbert Reply

    tlovehater Just like a lot of other great QBs. Just sayin lol

    Nash Scheber Reply

    @tlovehaterlol someone is salty the giants found a gem that everyone booed

    jbaz77777 Reply


Txctic Reply

still 65ovr in madden Feelsbadman

    MAC Chambers Reply

    Didn’t even put his face in….

    MLP Shawn Reply

    Madden and EA can go suck a fat one

    Nash Scheber Reply

    Still waitin for the update he should atleast have a high overall than any rookie QB

    toyrese - Reply

    MAC Chambers he’ll most likely get a face scan and an overall increase in the next Madden Title Update.

    Txctic Reply

    @toyrese – ill hope so otherwise ill be mad as hell

FlyingSpoon4657 Reply

He reminds me of Baker Mayfield

Milwaukee Quel Reply

Daniel Jones is Great🏈

    JumpSpeed Reply


DoggedYeti Reply

I’m starting to think Dave Gettleman actually had a plan

    Nash Scheber Reply

    Well i mean If i was drafting a QB i wouldnt want obj being around him while he is on his rookie year . Obj would be a bad example for jones so i could understand why they traded him also they gave him multiple chances

Nash Scheber Reply

Anymore Excuses Guys ? He Has Balled Out Against 3rd 2nd & Now 1st Stringers Give This Man His Credit . He Didnt Even Have His Starting Offensive Line All His Drives . Barkley Shepard Tate & Engram Havent Even Played With Him . Showing Vanilla Defenses ? Guess What, Danny Jones Is Using A Vanilla Offense , He Hasnt Even Shown You His Wheels Yet Watch Out NFL Quit Sleepin On Him

Erick Colbert Reply

Y’all can say it’s just the pre season all y’all want. If he wasn’t playing this damn hard, everyone would’ve clowned him. Everyone is just giving Kyler and Dwayne a pass because people are d-riders.

S. H. Reply

Then how bad was the talent of Duke’s O-Line and wide receivers? Cuz he is looking good so far*.

*For the Preseason.

    Nash Scheber Reply

    Nobody at duke went to the combie each daniel jones lol daniel jones carried duke

    Richard Engroff Reply

    Lot’s of dropped balls at Duke that’s for sure!

tlovehater Reply

Already better than Eli “Brady’s daddy” Manning lol.

Blow' The Whistle Reply

Jones looks prepared for week 1 already. $.

Theo Irving Reply

Can we have more Peyton Manning break downs.

Jay mere Reply

yeah doing a good job at being a complete trash can

jbaz77777 Reply

NY fans are hilarious. Everyone is Joe Montana.

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