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Daniel Manning aka Danny Dimes

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Giants about to beat Brady for the 3rd time

    Kung fu Kenny

    KenDaKingArrives no top receiver? Are u stupid? Engram, Shepard, Slayton are all playmakers. Tate also coming back week 5 we got weapons across the board

    Giants Hub

    Kung fu Kenny and saquon.. MMMM

    Dave Money

    @Galatic Ninja absolutely NOT better than their 2007 team


    This Patriots team has not proved they are better than the 2007 team. The 2019 team’s strength of schedule so far is 0-9, the 2007 team beat 6 playoff teams in the regular season.

True Colors

I knew they should have.started this guy beginning of Year👍

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Break down Shaq Barrett he’s leading the league in sacks with 8 and 2 fumbles.

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Nash Scheber – I never claimed that. That’s ESPN rankings. These aren’t my rankings. Appreciate you watching my videos to pick up on that.👍

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    Sprite* – He did that to the Panthers LT

    Damn Feds

    Hector Gonzalez

    @Brian Samuels no. He had to come back at the last second.


    that dude is best DL in the league…. from a giant fan yall should’ve won our game lol

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I can’t believe all the Giant fans booed him. I’m glad he’s proving them wrong even if destroying my Bucs was the cost


    Michael Shan as a hater i wont ever shut up even he plays good im sorry im just that big of a hater and i am ashamed

    Just Jug

    Not ALL* Giants fans and he’s proving the media wrong mostly. They gave him a bad rep


    ur kicker destroyed u…. im a giant fan and I consider that game AN L .. in my mind we lost that game

Michael Shan

One of the things that stands out about Daniel Jones is that he’s almost completely unfazed by defensive pressure. Sometimes that’s a good thing, since he doesn’t seem to panic. But at the same time it’s also why he’s fumbled the ball so many times. (Of course the Giants OLine is also to blame for that.)

    Joshua Barnhart

    Is it easier for a guy to gain/learn that experience than, say, learn to stay in the pocket? That’s a genuine question. A lot of guys ruin plays by having the immediate reaction to roll out and throw on the run, right?. So I’m just hoping he can learn the balance of it, since he is capable of staying composed (or oblivious I guess) when there’s pressure on him.

    David Johnson

    @Joshua Barnhart there’s a difference to composed and oblivious. Oblivious is not good. You want to be aware of it at least

    Joshua Barnhart

    @David Johnson Yeah I get that for sure. I guess my point is just that at least he doesn’t always run at the first sign. And also he did make some plays where he avoided the pressure so I think that’s encouraging.

    David Johnson

    @Joshua Barnhart there’s a massive upside to this kid for sure, the way he’s handled all the stuff that was hurled at him has been brilliant I think.

    Damn Feds


They called me crazy for starting him in fantasy…

    Dave Money

    I picked him up but benched him for Rodgers even though Jones had 20 more points. RIP

    Dave Money

    @Josh A me too dog.


    Wake Me Up Inside I drafted both before the season. I drafted Jones as a semi joke but knew he probably wouldn’t be the worst backup

    4Real Deals LLC

    I started him in 2 lol because of him i won both leagues.


I hate that we lost to the Giants, but that Daniel Jones is something special and I can’t help but to be happy for a guy who was booed on draft day. While it was a heartbreaking loss for me and my bucs..that was one of the most exciting games I have seen that involved my team in a while. GG Giants and good luck Jones.


    Ryzen GG’s bro Respect💯💯

    Jordan Scott

    you are the least toxic fan i have ever met. I wish more people were like you


    You have a hell of a defensive front. Shut down Saquon like no one else. And you’ve got Mike Evans. You’ll get your wins!

Yugo RC

Today we witness a birth of a Legend congrats to Danny Dimes for his first NFL Win

    Medijine Time

    Yugo, A legend? really? How about starting with a winning season. This season 500 at best.

    Yugo RC

    @Medijine Time yup a Legend

Giants Pride

I hope he can do this for several weeks without Saquon 😭

    Steven Serrano

    Don’t forget we get tate back for week 5 the way D.J. played yesterday he’ll have another weapon

    Nash Scheber

    @Steven Serrano i think slayton is going to be a good weapon for jones aswell . alot of people say our receiving core sucks but its actually good our WR’s were just injured ir suspended. Most of our 4th and 5th WR’s can be good WR3’s

    Sixth Street

    At least Tate is back soon. Shep/Evan/Tate and Slayton is not bad

    Nelson Betancourt

    @Nash Scheber a solid qb can make subpar dudes look great. Not saying Slayton is subpar, it’s just that Eli wasn’t making guys look good and effective anymore.


    @Nash Scheber After Sunday, Slayton’s a starter for sure. Height and speed, what we need.


You guys realize how impressive the throw at 3:12 is?.. wow

    Ditch 79

    Smoke 5:07 is better

    Chuck Wright

    yep, a throw most thought only Mahomes and Rogers could make…..

    E B

    Yeah he made several really impressive throws on the day. Will he maintain his composure throughout the season? We’ll see, but he seems like he might be legit just judging from the tools he already has in his kit. It’s really encouraging that he always keeps his eyes downfield even when there’s heavy pressure.. that usually takes QBs years in the NFL to fully develop.

    Andrew Westman

    That and throwing a touch pass to a 5’10 receiver in the corner of the end zone with a defender right on him……just amazing. No roomie quarterback has the balls to make a throw like that into such a tight window. But DJ did it.


    He’s hounded and running full speed to the left and bullets it from outside the left hashmark to the right hash 40 yards downfield and hits him in stride! So awesome…


Does Baldy always have to record these in the bathroom? Just asking…

    Grumpy Gamer

    really pisses me off

    Max Power

    Baldy’s Bathroom

Lewis Allen

Love his composure, the giants look to have themselves the real deal at the QB position.


Bro been lookin nice af since he got drafted tbh… just further proof that a talking mouth In a suit dont mean you know ball, yall killed this dude for being from Duke… Yall thought Matt Leinart was a Stud… ha. Just let that sink in. Idgaf about NY football Giants, I just want bro to prove yall wrong. 💯

Marco Escobar

This guy was right about Mahomes before Mahomes was Mahomeboy. Hope he’s right about Danny Dimes, hope you get out of that basement recording studio soon bruh.


OBJ punching the air rn

    TeMpT Monsta

    j0epark1 nah Eli gave him such a terrible throw that he had to make the 1 hand catch that got him about 75% of his fame.

    Sarah Amo

    @TeMpT Monsta lf OBJ would have just lied to the media, he will be a giant today.

    Nelson Betancourt

    Yep, bc he was 100% right about Eli not being able to get it done and all he wanted was a mobile QB who can take shots downfield instead of checking it down the whole game, wasting his ability to change games.

Shalako Barker

I am a life long Cowboy fan….and I think they found their guy for the next 15 years

    Malcolm Benjamin

    As a Giants fan I appreciate that.


    I’d just like everyone to know that I too am a fan of a certain team

    Jack Van Berg

    Shalako, yeah with this guy the boys will win 30 in a row against the Giants.


That end zone view of his throw to Slayton when he was dbl covered is absolutely ridiculous. That’s a hard pass to complete.


Hey NYG fans…we got a quarterback!!


This was great to see. Jones took a lot of crap for getting drafted where he did. He shut a lot of people up on Sunday. Good for him.

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