Breaking Down Bills Win vs. Colts & Advancing in the Playoffs | Chopping Wood – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down Bills Win vs. Colts & Advancing in the Playoffs | Chopping Wood

Bills Legends Steve Tasker and Eric Wood break down the key plays in the win over the Indianapolis Colts and preview the Divisional Round matchup with Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

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Keith Cousins Reply

**does my husband’s dead arm dance with a SKOL clap**

    Apple Fanboy Reply


    California Dreaming Reply

    You guys are speaking Greek to me.

    Keith Cousins Reply

    @Apple Fanboy I just uploaded a new video. Enjoy.

xPositivityx bless Reply

Let’s defend our dirt against the ravens! Hopefully tasker will get into the HOF! Best special teams player!! Let’s go bills!! 💙🙏❤️ #It_Might_Get_Chilly❄️

    D B Reply

    Gonna be a good one. GoodLuck from a Ravens fan

    Todd Heywood Reply

    Yes def. a good one, good luck, who ever wins, go beat those chiefs!!!

    D B Reply

    @Todd Heywood I think the browns might win tho

    Todd Heywood Reply

    @D B if so, even better, I would love to have the battle of Lake Erie supremacy

『S A S U K E』 Reply


Justin Morello Reply

Contain contain contain this week!! We got this Buffalo!! Go Bills!!

    California Dreaming Reply

    Yeah, Lamar can be a nightmare. That guy is really quick and he has amazing acceleration when he takes off. But still, I’m no fan of QBs running too much. If I’m a coach I want a pocket passer that never gets hit, with a killer arm. That way I keep my job, unlike Harbaugh if Jackson goes down.

    Karamvir S Reply

    @California Dreaming pocket passers still get hurt and just aren’t effective if the O-like isn’t good. Look what happens with Drew Brees or Rivers

    Ryan Scribner Reply

    Chat my manager on wat sap on making billions in bit coins.. his strategies are 💯☑️☑️

    Ryan Scribner Reply

    + 1 ( 7 3 1 ) 3 1 6 1 8 5 5

Michael Caywood Reply

First dislike of The Buffalo Bills video. YES! YES! YES! Wait until I do The New York Yankees videos.

    California Dreaming Reply

    So I guess you’re not a Bills fan? That’s fine; I hate some teams too. Maybe even the Yankees. And Red Sox. (I’m just guessing and I haven’t “cheated” but I’m guessing you’re a Patriots fan. If so I would try to trade for Jimmy Garropolo if I’m Bellichick. If Jimmy can stay healthy and not throw bone-headed interceptions he’s really terrific. Hell, he wins 75 percent of his starts. But Lynch is no moron and so he’ll probably hold onto Jimmy in 2021.)

    Jake Pearl Reply

    Dude has legitimately subscribed to the channel just to be the first dislike on a video. Life goals=on point. Go Bills! #humbleandhungry

California Dreaming Reply

Like I wrote before the Indy game, Philip Rivers is one of my favorite quarterbacks — ever. He’s really amazing and even if you were rooting for the Bills — I was — you have to admit it. His release is phenomenal and for the life of me, I have no idea how corners sleep the night before facing him. But in a way that’s a good thing because, while Lamar is a terrific runner, he’s no Rivers when it comes to passing. Not many QBs are. So the Bills should be able to concentrate more on stopping the run against the Ravens, and the Bills will have to. But still, Lamar can complete some throws downfield and every time I see it I shake my head and think, “How can a passer with such lousy throwing mechanics even complete a pass?” although oddly, he often hits a receiver on the numbers anyways. But the Ravens will be a different kind of test and the Bills will have to put the pedal to the metal on this one. Bills 35, Ravens 27. Get me my Pepto Bismol and Dramamine before the game ‘cause I just might puke with stress on this one.

P.O.D. Protect Our Dirt Reply

Kyle is right – Breath it in, Drink it, Smoke it — Yes — Josh is human — but – He will Punch you, Pass By you, Run By You, Fake you out. BILLS Fans know this – What National Media doesn’t get = He gets back Up. Exactly ! LIKE ? — an Elite QB. “Won Not Done” – TY GMFB

James Cadzow Reply

Everyone is overlooking the fact that the Colts have one of the best offensive lines and front 7 on Def in the NFL. The Bills for the most part contained the running game and still lost the game in the trenches. Yet, they found a way to get it done in the end and that’s all that matters. They will have a even bigger challenge this weekend containing Lamar Jackson in the pocket, and force him to throw into his own mistakes.

    Stephen Webb Reply

    What alot of people are overlooking is very simple. Good teams overcome.

Mateo Bermudez Reply

We need to select in the DRAFT to Zaven Collins

Jaxson Besemer Reply

Let’s go buffalo 🦬

kirk58 Reply

no pass rush, no run game….. not good.

Fillspodcast Reply

Lets goooo buffallooo 😈😈

Justin Cudzilo Reply

I love the Bills but I’m nervous this week

bmwelch320 Reply

I just hope the BILLS don’t wear them same goofy red outfits this year against the Ravens. They look awful! Wear the home team blues

Dirty Randy Reply

Let them run, Stop the pass.
Win with your strengths

iamrichrocker Reply not change your broadcasting the emotion, and the view of somebody who was there..and did it, very well…You and Murph are outstanding…have no missed a broadcast of you guys..

Craig McCann Reply

Steve Tasker is the most real and honest analyst.

Terry brown Reply

I think we can beat Baltimore .But we have to keep it going Josh and Diggs .And hopefully Beasley can score.

Terry brown Reply

Contain Jacson.Bills D Lets go!

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