Brandon Stokley joins Broncos Camp Live as the Broncos wrap up practice before heading to Canton – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Michael Torres

Guy at 9:15 “perfect thumbnail”

    Darion Spencer

    Michael Torres that position is kinda sus 😂

ray ray

All I hear is our defense is gonna be beast and our offense can step up when it needs to

Ronald Samples

Broncos 13 and 3

    Hotshot Bronco


    Cubecraft Banned

    @Jerome Schulze lol why are you so angry

    Ronald Samples

    Cube craft not a real broncos fan don’t need no haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let’s Go Flacco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Superbowl 54 Champions!!!!—-!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vic Fangio The Evil Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Ronald Samples low IQ lol

Cubecraft Banned

Wow lol ES10 blows money on clothes like Elway blows draft picks on trash QBs😂😂 #drewlock

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Kyle De Valk Lol stay mad. Lock is a bust

    Clickbait Jr

    Cube craft really? How stupid can you be

Flippant Booch

Get Brandon Perna on the show !!

Miranda Lopez

Way to much on clothes…smh..that money dries up unless they get on tv or invest wisely.

Jerome Schulze

I want fort #2 #33#48 to make the roster #33 has keerem hunt speed !! Maybe be faster than linzey

eddie ramos

My question is why dont they have “THEMADFANATIC ON HERE ??????

Ronald Samples

Remember Pat Bowlen just passed This ones 4 Pat Part 2!!!!!!!!

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