Brandon Scherff Training Camp Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Brandon is such a class act. Please sign him to a long term deal – he will get the health figured out.

Bolivian Los'

We’ll see if you stay with us man.. I mean we let flower leave to pay you


Hope he stays healthy all year. If he gets out early then I have a feeling we will move on. Hope it’s not the case. He’s a great player. Dwayne needs him.


What Brandon said today was special. He said he wanted to be “Redskin” for the rest of his career. Redskins fans need to express that the forced name change was not fair. When you look into it. The name and logo was designed by a native american in honor of one of his elders. Washington fans need to speak up, the name is sacred if you know the history then you know this is wrong.

    Robert Lane

    Bro shut up. The term redskins is blatantly slur and is not like other team names that resemble the heritage of native Americans.


washington will sign him to a long term deal next year

Shane Owens

Should have made NFL top 100. When healthy top 5 guard in league

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