Brandon Bolden on returning to the Patriots: “Everything’s just back how I left it” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
couture apples

Love the pats man its the best

Riley Black


Zhiah Tarlue

Awwwe yeahhhh!!!!!

NASCAR Maniac 2009 NASCAR And More!

Patriots RULE 🙂

Jonathan Rosas

Love ya pats

Jose Lopez

My first question is why leave the Patriots for the Dolphins, just didn’t make any sense, Patriots should have cut Eric Rowe instead of Brandon Bolden

Titan Master Race

Dude wtf we lost that tight end we got from the Lions yesterday?

    Jake Shattuck

    Look how many WRs we had during the off-season a year ago.

    Rishabh Agarwal

    Bill will pull him of the wire and save the draft pick we were giving them…

    Rishabh Agarwal

    @FuckYour Feelings Bill o Brian said in an interiew just after the trade talk that they were about to release him anyway but its good to have a pick. I blv that triggered bill and co to drop the trade (by finding a reason).. And then they will claim him off waivers… Pats were eating his salary anyway but with this they wont lose any draft pick at all.

    Rishabh Agarwal

    @FuckYour Feelings sry yeah Matt.. the caserio thing is still bugging me so bill o Brian is on my mind


I wish this channel would give us some videos longer than 3 minutes in the offseason when we all dying for content!!!

    Paramvir Atwal

    The offseasons is hard to get by. The last 2 months are the hardest to wait out for me.

Patrick Bell

Brandon Bolden . #HulkSmash #Patsnation 💪🏾💪🏾🏈


Hey pats I made a nfl prediction I would love it if you saw it

And btw I have you in it
Ohhh wait why is that a surprise you guys are the goat you guys should give out playoff tickets when the season starts


Love BB. Welcome back.

chase cross

Love this segment and I’m glad he’s back on the team. A two time Superbowl champion as well. #Respect


Ouch, how many extra laps/sprints did that BB-impression cost?

    J Flash


Big White Duck

Great special teams guy

J Flash

Boldozer’s @ beast. Great to have you back! I hope your confidence carries over to the field!!

the black capitalist

i know he is glad to be out of miami!

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