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Welcome back Josh Gordon.

Escocivo 30

Good to see Josh Gordon playing football again.

    James Johnson

    @Frog Stillwagon One more strike would be a wrap for him. If he gets caught smoking again you might as well stick a fork in him cause he’d be done.

    Raymond Nolan Scott

    @Frog Stillwagon
    why even mention that in the first place?
    maybe you want him back on drugs

    Sean C.


    Trev Mac

    @Raymond Nolan Scott Insidious humans like that are better to avoid..

salah areikat

I hate the pats but I’m really happy to see josh gordon playing again and playing well through all the issues


The title of the video had me thinking Brady was blocking for Gordon! 🀣

    Insane in the Membrane

    Click bait

    Insane in the Membrane

    @Mike James Yep. Terrible……Ignore that fact that he has led the league in receiving yards in a season, and he’s 16th in yards per game average….ALL TIME. Other than that….. terrible. All Tom Brady.

    Tyler G

    Insane in the Membrane and the fact that he was a first team all proπŸ˜‚

    Alan Manriquez

    Your not the brightest bulb in the room if you think the GOAT would risk it all for something like blocking

1738 Vibes

Nfl really replayed the same Edelman pass twice lmfao


    To show bradys blockingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Pay close attention

    Wayne Carr

    watch Brady at the top of the screen the whole time, the dude trips over with no one within 5 metres of him

    emile heskey

    @Shaneel Patel I thought they ran the same play two times in a row. i was stunned and confused LOL

LedZep's X

You mean Edelman and White clear the way for a Josh Gordon TD

    Calculated Risk

    That Edelman pass was great.

Steeltooth Combs

Glad to see Josh Gordon playing well

Ahmed Mohiuddin

josh gordon, antonio brown, and julian edelman… lord have mercy on the NFL

    Elias Orona

    AB, Josh flash Gordon, Julian Edelman, Demarys Thomas no offense to the rookie but yo that’s crazy af, this ain’t even fair πŸ˜‚ Go Pats!!

    Spicy SaderSandwich

    the Lord sent Saints for a reason

    Shae Golden

    Gronkowski prolly coming back too

    Michael Thayyil

    @Cedric Smith wow you predicted the future


0:54 well Brady for 42 you tried to block….

    Kupo Stiltzkin

    Lol he just stop dropped and rolled

    Sir Weedle

    LMAO just noticed

    Dreadie C

    @Kupo Stiltzkin

    As an Pats fan I was laughing hard at that…


I got bated. My head was thinking that Tom Brady laid someone out on a block


    lol yea right. BUT youtube him juking Brian Urlacher doe

    Justin Allen

    Him on a block at 00:52

Jon Hardin

I remember when Gordon got reinstated and everyone was like β€œdamnnnnn” but now you have AB too! 😳😳😳 Gonna be crazy!


    And Demaryius Thomas

    Kevin Gilliam

    Gordon should finish as a top 10 if he can stay healthy. All eyes will be on AB.

    Trev Mac

    But wait till playoff time.. Gordon and Brown will be decoys and a guy like Sony Michel (360 yards rushing and 6 TD’s in the playoffs) will come through.. White was a playoff hero and played great yesterday but was not seen in the playoffs hardly.. Can’t stop the Pats.. And just when you think you can stop them Dorsette get’s a big TD like he did against K.C.. Belichcick and Brady have it all figured out..

    June Amarillo

    DAAYYUUUM… Keefe D voice


0:52 Brady tries blocking and he literally just falls down

    Josh Doran

    your all blind


    If I’m a 42 yr old QB I’m falling down on purpose tf im not risking getting hurt lol

    William Smith II


    Dreadie C

    I’m an pats fan, I thought it was hilarious. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


gronkowski will be a patriots by wednesday..

gronk brown gordon edelman!

sin city

    Keenan Nash

    Nah he is not in playing shape… he looks lighter than gordan right now.

Bullets don't work Jon

Just remember we aren’t even at full strength😈


    The fans can say we.. their money is literally the only reason the sport exists

    Dats a paddlin

    Theodore Julien Animal cruelty charges are gonna be filed for what they gonna do to the Dolphins. That’s gonna be a blood bath

    Pittsburg Mighty Lo

    @Dats a paddlin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    soth1 sol

    no. just remember, we’re still in belichick’s “extended preseason” mode.

Wes Desilets

20 zip at half,the dynasty rolls!

Matthew Shortle

This week on Days of our Steelers:

The black and gold brigade’s defense doesn’t know how to tackle.

    Keenan Nash

    And the offense doesnt look so good without brown…

    soth1 sol

    or scheme, or adapt, or, or, or…

Dustin McCord

And Skip Bayless thought the Steelers would pull off the upset… Welcome back Josh Gordon!

david selawsky

Pats offense is best in league. Add in AB forget it. W this Defense too.


I’m rooting for Josh Gordon too do well. He is in a great situation now.

Gabe Hoyer

Best receiving corps in the league? Dorsett, Gordon, Edelman AND Antonio Brown? Geez

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