Bradley Chubb on ACL injury: ‘I’m going to be back and be even better’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE



Chubb and Barkley has great rookie years then both are gonna miss either most or all of the year

    Cartman Power

    Saquon is the best rookie from last year.


    Cartman Power Ik but they both were great and now they are both hurt

TheMacaroni Bear

Your the greatest strongest bronco here. Maybe ever… stay strong Chubb got a lot of faith!


Build this defense around this guy!!! I hope you come back next season even better Chubb.

Woelfi 45

Get well soon, Bradley👍😕

A German Broncos Fan

ian isaac

You got this Mr. Chubb get well and we’ll be here for you next season. Go Broncos. 💯


Miss you already sigh

Cartman Power

I’m speaking the truth here. The team has been performing poorly since Peyton Manning retired.

    Justin Kanicki

    Captain obvious everybody

Darion Spencer

Bought his jersey & this happens 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m scared to get that Sutton #14 now

    Paty Perez

    Darion Spencer me too!!! I kind of feel guilty because it never fails! When I wear their jerseys they either retire get traded or get hurt—-R.Moore TJ Ward Manning D. Thomas last year I wore Chris Harris he got hurt and Sunday I wore Chubb! I have a Lindsay too I’m not even gonna wear it. I’ll wear an old player that’s already gone 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Paty Perez


Joseph Malinowski

this is definitely a big hit to that defense I know we are four weeks in we do have a lot of young Talent it’s a shame that’s some of the players signed have not played even our quarterback is out I know it’s week 4 but if this team keeps losing might as well call this season at wash let’s see what we have and Drew lock and maybe get the number one pick because I truly believe the Broncos need a few key players on that offensive line and defensive line so getting that top pick could really work to our advantage possibly Trade It for some players on both sides I really thought they were going to turn their season around Sunday

Glorious McClorious

Great attitude! You got this. All the best from Scotland, UK 🙂


We have been struggling with the quarterback position since 2015. Our defense didn’t stop the run game. And we ran the ball to much in the first quarter. They need to put drew as our starter ASAP. We got Phillip, Noah, Drew,Sutton, Sanders, Von, Chris H and dalton. All talented players. #5 is letting our whole team down. Embarrassment to the team. I can see Harris leaving after his contract is done unless we do something. Start with cutting joe

    Todd Lack

    Do you even look at Joes numbers? He’s not the problem at all. He’s the best QB we’ve had since Manning by far. All QB’s make mistakes get over it. We didn’t lose last week because of Joe, that loss was 100% on the defense. When you can’t tackle all game you’re going to lose no matter if we had the best QB alive.

Fernando !

Shut up you weren’t doing nothing this year you will turn out to be a bust we should’ve drafted The Ol the colts got and paid Barrett.

    Aryaan Hyder

    Fernando ! Stfu

S Gunner

You have the right attitude and that’s what it takes – mind over matter! Good Luck! We’re all pulling for you!

Fernando !

If you guys live in Denver and aren’t outside John Elways office asking for his resignation your not a true Bronco fan, He’s lucky I don’t live in Denver nothing but bad choices like how do you hire Vance Joseph over Kyle Shanahan????? how… then you go out of the way to replace Joseph with someone worse?? Unbelievable I’m done with this team until Elway is out of there. Don’t get me started with the Power Forwards he’s drafted as Quarterbacks.

William Vang

I am very pissed off for the Broncos. I believe Vic should fire some coaches specially the OC he is not good. Are you kidding we are so bad I don’t even want to put my flag out side my house. The season is over I will wait for next year.

Max Power

SO much respect for Bradley doing this presser a few days after an ACL tear. Can’t think of many players who would face the media and the fans after a season ender.


Get well soon #55, the entire #BroncosCountry appreciates ya

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