Blue on Black: Episode 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jai Norman

The best team in the national football league…

Brian Whitman

I love our team

Brian Whitman

Let’s beat the Texans


I do love this team! #KeepPounding

    Denard black

    Let’s #Keeppounding 💪💪


Brian Burns #53 and Donte Jackson #26 are hilarious!

Alec Inman

Kyle Allen! Calling it now, gonna be great. Hope the Cardiac Cats keep him


    they would actually be stupid if they released him


    @AtomicBeats time someone accnowledge that. Props to u bro


    @K.IN.G Cam is gonna pull a A. Luck this off season !!!!


    @joshx336 nah. LoL don’t do em like THAT bro! I feel u on that. The only reason I don’t think can would hang it up is becuz some other team would pay big money for him (he is beat up tho). A Lucc could have played for another team but definitely not for top dollar. Cam is about the 💰 (and strange clothes)

    Donnie Nelson

    Alec Inman uh nah will gier when cam retires

Brady Lawrence

Pound them Texans

Trey Sikes

If Cam needed anything it’s Kyle Allen to show him that even his job isn’t safe. It’s time to wake up and get back to it super Cam ✊

    Trey Sikes

    Kaizaro123 read my reply, I’m not criticizing his competitiveness level but there’s only a few options as to what’s going to happen here. Cam is hopefully gonna get the time he needs to rest which he’s needed for a long time, and when he comes back he’s either gonna show up to play or have to deal with the repercussions of not dealing with his past injuries. We all know Cam, like most players hate admitting when they’re hurt and wanna play through it for their team…but he knows damn well how many hits he’s taken just like all of us and needs to realize super cam is just as susceptible to injuries as the next guy. I’m hoping the best for him and always have, but here’s his make or break moment right here. He needs to rest the body, the mind, and really think about how he wants his career to end. Who knows he may play for another team if it doesn’t work with Carolina which I don’t want to see happen, but we’ll see.


    @Trey Sikes When you make comments like “It’s time to wake up and get back to it super Cam” the implication is clear. At no time has he ever been ‘asleep’.

    P4TCH E.

    I really like the way Kyle holds himself and stays positive. When cam throws a bad pass he gets in his own head which can snowball very fast.

    P4TCH E.

    Side note. I’d like to see cam show up to a game in jeans and a tshirt. Why waste all that energy off the field picking out outfits.

Cody Vaughn

Bro Tepper is a God and has made following this team so much more engaging and entertaining.

    Ray Cordova


    Vonte Ross

    Cody Vaughn No man is a god




That was a sick vertical from Action Jackson. Keep pounding against the Texans.

Uncle Quan

I love these! Keep em coming!

iGets Buckets405

Lets beat on them Texans this weekend!💪🏼 #KeepPounding #GameByGame Rest Up Cam Whole squad ready to rock!


Man I love the energy especially in that week 3 game.


    success breeds energy!!!

    Kory Pettiford

    I aint see the second game but this shows we are our only enemy usually


Oh I see that All or Nothing got Carolina loving that spotlight lol black and blue #keeppounding

Ray Cordova

We have never had so much content from the Panthers channel until tepper became owner.

Kory Pettiford

AYo Jackson I already knew you was like that! Keep pounding probowler

Kory Pettiford

I love this video. Panthers have really improved in this area


Can we let Tre Boston stay mic’d up all season? Dude is hilarious! #keeppounding

Evan Childress

I just wanna say shout out to our production team, we are definitely #1 in the league with our media team in Charlotte.

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