Bisi Johnson: “There’s No Ceiling for Our Wide Receiver Room” | Vikings Vantage – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bisi Johnson: “There’s No Ceiling for Our Wide Receiver Room” | Vikings Vantage

On the first edition of the Vikings Vantage, WR Bisi Johnson joins's Gabe Henderson and Chris Corso to discuss how Verizon Vikings Training Camp has gone so far and what his expectations are for the 2020 NFL season.

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Lux Nixy Reply


Drew 14 Reply


Hawkeye13 _ Reply

Bisi ainโ€™t giving up the WR2 spot brodies

    15ironreaver Reply

    I’m 100% cool with that. Love this kid.

    Hawkeye13 _ Reply

    Aye yeah heโ€™s just gettin it goin

Keith Cousins Reply

My most recent upload confirms that the NFL has recognized my marriage since March 2, 2018 and will continue to accordingly.

Team Beastmode Reply


ryan damon Reply


aaron anderson Reply

Definitely a better attitude than Diggs ever had. #NotaDiva

    Keith Cousins Reply

    I still have Madden 16 and 19 on disc so Diggs is on the Keith Cousins Vikings roster in Madden 21 so…

    TheNextManimal Reply

    Diggs had to fall on the sword but they never wouldโ€™ve made the playoffs last year without him waking the team up.

    Keith Cousins Reply

    TheNextManimal Diggs is in Madden 16 and I still have it on disc, lol.

    PitbullLove Reply

    Eh, he wanted the ball more. He should have gotten it, too.

louis johnson Reply

Bisi is still super young, I would not be surprised if he became a top tier WR in the next few years.

LJ Sneets Reply

Yeah….there is. The ceiling is the offensive line. Better hope Kirk worked on his scrambling and pocket awareness this offseason.


We never have a freak athlete at receiver. Probably the only team in the league without a 4.3 guy. No one over 6’2″ or 210 lbs. Our receivers are always so physically average. I feel good about the group we have, but just saying.

    ROID Reply

    I’d rather have receivers that are good at football, rather than guys that are just tall or fast?

    Blake Larson Reply

    Irv can play slot and is a physical freak.

Chris King Reply

KJ Osborn besting Harry on out route was eye opening ๐Ÿ‘€

Josh Hartung Reply

Liked him and rooted for him right away and seeing interviews like this make you like him all the much more. Great athlete and an even better man. Here to a great year. Skollll

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