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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Cole Beasley and Allen was a good little duo for this game

    Bills Mafia Reply

    D S hes like edelman

    Mike S Reply

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    Joe Cool Berry Reply

    Emperor Palpatine are you trying to make Jomboy your apprentice? I notice you there a lot

    Jake Mitchell Reply

    Same. Love seeing Beasley do well, even if he’s done in Dallas. Hope he goes for 80+ catches

    Bill piehler Reply

    Used to hate Beasley when he was a cowgirl. He was always get the yardage

Oblivion Gamer Reply

As a panthers fan I want to erase my memory btw thx for all the likes it’s the most likes I’ve ever had😺

    Buffalo Tings Reply

    @Samuel Cohoon to be fair Grier its going against a top 3 defense

    Esmldlh Viva Reply

    @daniel Quiroga se acababa de ir el mejor receptor y te equivocas no eran muy buenos receptores, además lanzó un TD menos que Tom Brady y corrió 10 mas…. Te ciega el orgullo.. Das asco

    daniel Quiroga Reply

    @Baker Man Gonna take over saints ? Over falcons ? And bucs? Jajajaja good luck

    daniel Quiroga Reply

    @Esmldlh Viva cualquier con un buen cordinador ofensivo puede tirar más 40 td mira a Tom Brady , tom Brady es un sistema
    Pases cortos , playactions and screens , Tom Brady it’s not a elite guy , pero es bueno en su sistema de Josh McDaniels , Payton Manning Tiro más de 50 y no fue por un besote fue por el cordinador entonces es decir cam Newton apesta . Mahomes si es un mvp indiscutido

    Esmldlh Viva Reply

    @daniel Quiroga pero yo no peleo por el cerebro de cam newton solo niego tu afirmación de que no sabe pasar

Bubba Playz Reply

Allen got sky high potential

Austin Nawotka Reply

Josh Allen definitely improved within the past two preseason games

    Andrew Hasseler Reply

    But im sure his teams qb lit it up lol

    Google Rapes Reply

    @tr33 The Packers have never won in Buffalo. It’s from the last time they came to Buffalo and got dominated.

    Jacob Couvutsakis Reply

    @DPMixing I mean, that’s more or less what the coaches want from Allen. instead of going for the big play every down like he did last year, he was taking what the defense was giving him and still made a couple of nice downfield throws.

Anthony Simonelli Reply

Christian Wade tho!! 🔥

    J P Reply

    Anthony Simonelli
    He has those little feet. Can move them quick. Got some scrappiness to him too.

V15247 Reply

Josh Allen is going to have a breakout season this year 👀

    Bills Mafia Reply

    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu bills are expected to be good.. “stupid”. Even some analysts have them winning the afc east. I think they go 10-6 behind the pats

    Toaster N'Friends Reply

    @BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu So you’re 12, not 13, gotcha.

    LegendaryDN Reply

    @Bills Mafia Me and you had tons of conversations in the past about Bills v Jets but man hate to say it. Allen looks like he improved. Wish the Jets were going to be the next Patriots with lil to no competition but guess not.

    Dan Recore Reply

    @BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu ..what he means is….if Allen looked like trash you would be calling him a bust, but he tore it up so you say “its just preseason”, cant have your cake and eat it to fella

Austin Nawotka Reply

Christan wade is a beast hope he makes the roster

    Marc Naples Reply

    If he followed his blockers it would have been a touchdown.

    Zlatan Killz Reply

    George Bray that sucks the dudes 28 waste if they add him to practice squad I want him in action

    Dan Recore Reply

    @Zlatan Killz ..he has a TON to learn, for instance rewatch his catch n run vs the Panthers, at the end his lack of vision prevented an EZ touchdown if he would have followed his blocker up the sideline….and im sure he has absolutely ZERO pass blocking ability….love the story but hes all but a lock for the practice squad

    Zlatan Killz Reply

    Dan Recore those are stuff he can learn quick. He has strength he needs to learn the techniques of being a good running back. Your prolly right I only seen his highlights. He can run tho. Keep him in RB3 he will give you Yards like Justice hill

    EricsPlaytime Reply

    @Cheeky Blinder yeldon won’t make the roster . Gore, McCoy and their you new investment singletary

Escocivo 30 Reply

Josh Allen is going to be dangerous!

    Dan Recore Reply

    @SmithN’ Wesson many Bills games did you watch last year? zero? youre just spewing at the mouth

    Dan Recore Reply

    @Depressed Florida Fan ..Bills offense wanst trying either

    Depressed Florida Fan Reply

    @Dan Recore Yeah they were. This is like the Super Bowl for y’all.

    crosbonit Reply


Mango Masher Reply

Josh Allen looks really good not just his accuracy is better also his reads and the way he carries the offense

    Bills Mafia Reply

    Mango Masher because he has an o line and WR now lol

    A sad Jets Fan Reply

    quality wr*

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    Because he isnt getting rushed by first string players lol

    Revealing Storm Reply

    @SmithN’ Wesson there were plenty of starters out there. Kuechly wasn’t there but others were. Bills starting center wasn’t playing either.

    Dan Recore Reply

    @SmithN’ Wesson ….everyone started on theyre DEF but Luke you clown

Star Wars BuffaloFan716 Reply

Christian Wade and Duke Williams is for real

    Janey Conolly Reply

    I need to see another couple solid practice games out of Williams.

    James Ventris Reply

    Don’t they have a special slot for the international player program? Or is that a slot on the practice team?

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

    @Janey Conolly ya i dont think duke williams is going to make the roster we have alot of depth at wr and hes at the bottom looking up right now he will really need to impress in the last 2 preseason games

    Dan Recore Reply

    @Star Wars BuffaloFan716 ….he wont make the roster, he will make the practice squad tho..great story!

    Dan Recore Reply

    @James Ventris ….if we sign him to practice squad we get an 11th player, so hes basically free…but he will become ineligible to play in the NFL for this year also

Levi Stutzman Reply

These announcers sound like their mom made them call this game.

    Good Times Reply

    They are boring announcers may the game sound lame

    Angel Acevedo Reply

    Their passion is like their fanbase….they never show up to home games lol. GO BILLS!!!

    Zachary Madden Reply

    Yeah wish they had Tasker calling it, like we get in Western/Upstate NY….

    Steel Here Reply

    Both guys are insurance salesmen.

    Lisa Coffield Reply

    @Angel Acevedo it’s a preseason game when was the last time y’all won anything Panthers have had 160 some consecutive sell outs

Isaac Punch Reply

I’m not gonna lie, Josh Allen looked good.

    Ten8yp Reply

    yeah meanwhile his Allen counterpart in white looked like TRASH.

    Chiilz YT Reply

    Ten8yp 😂

    Ryan Spring Reply

    I mean he was a top 10 pick

AA12Master Reply

But NFL draft twitter and r/NFL_Draft told me Josh Allen couldn’t throw?

    Jeremy Deveraux Reply

    A bunch of guys over payed to over analyze players. Maybe 1/3 of what they see and say makes sense. Numbers and stats is their measuring stick. No bueno my friend.

Malunity Reply

And remember Wade is about to learn from Shady and Gore, I’m cheering for him.

    Zachary Madden Reply

    It’s going to be tough with Shady/Gore (for sure) and because Singletary has played really well as a Rookie (and will deff make team), and Yeldon is a really good 3rd down back. Add in that Perry is a Special Teams expert. That’s already 5 guys, though Yeldon could easily be cut. Haven’t even brought up Marcus Murphy who started a few games last year. To be fair, Wade couldn’t have possibly done any more with his time to prove his worth. Guys been great….just unfortunate that we have so many backs.

King of Fedoras Reply

Ok Josh Allen we see ya! Now do this against Brady please you and darnold need to save the afc east

    geene smith Reply

    People calling Rosen a bust while ignoring the fact that AZ did absolutely nothing to help that o line from when he was there. Good luck, Kyler

    CujoF17 Reply

    No just Allen please…don’t need competition

    Dennis Madigan Reply

    Yep time for some new blood in the AFC. I have a feeling this is going to be a bad year for NE

    crosbonit Reply


    crosbonit Reply

    @Broderic Perry Yep. I have no idea what the Arizona GM was thinking with Rosen. These GMs get desperate for a QB sometimes and deceive themselves. I just hope Miami doesn’t spend 3-4 years floundering hoping that he’ll pan out. Kinda like the Titans with Mariota. At least Arizona realized the mistake quick-fast and moved on.

Dark blade Reply

Backup QBs played horrible. Too many flags. Defense seem to just need to get rhythm going, I think they’ll be fine once Luke and our starting LBs play. But good job bills, ya played good!

    Chiilz YT Reply

    Dark blade as a bills fan I appreciate that goodluck this season

    Adam Rounds Reply

    Don’t sleep on the Bill’s second best d last year!know they have an offense!

    Kyle Phelps Reply

    We are gonna miss thomas davis…we shoulda gave him a 1 yr deal!!

maldarkangel Reply

6:48 wades run for UK fans. He was so close to another TD!

    RapidTuber 3 Reply

    maldarkangel he is a beast

    CoKo A Reply

    I think his rugby instincts kicked in. He easily could have scored if he just followed his blockers down the right sideline instead of cutting inside

    maldarkangel Reply

    @CoKo A shhhssss… but your absolutely correct… I watched it a few times the second to last defender (91 I think) forced him to change his running line. However your correct you see bodies on a rugby pitch in front of you 98% of the time they are hostile. If he had stepped back inside it was a TD. Gotta give credit to the defense though the defender that dived likley stopped the TD by altering Wades running line. The blockers needed to communicate with him more easy to forget hes new to the sport. But he can only get better. Watching it you wana scream go the other wayyyyy! They are on your side!!!

    dent20111 Reply

    thanks man!

Evan Barnett Reply

Gotta love Christian Wade! That speed and the way he breaks tackles is exciting to watch! Hope he makes the team this year.

FreelanceXD Reply

They should’ve used the broadcast we watched in Buffalo, this is just awful.

    Payton Heron Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. These guys are horrible.

    joseph stewart Reply

    Ik at least the bills announcers sounded more exciting

    Gunther1012 M Reply

    FreelanceXD as a panthers fan I agree…these announcers made it seem like there wasn’t a game just a practice

Philly Scorpio Reply

I think i wanna keep Christian Wade…give him Tyree Jackson’s Spot! 😅😅😅

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