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Prayers to all the players that got injured this game 🙏🏻

    Andrew Taylor

    @erick Rodriguez you act like I wanted them to play, no I’d rather not have 2 of my last 3 1st round picks be injured (most likely for the whole season) and just throw my season in the garbage but yeah that’s what happened, we arent GMs


    Josh Allen is garbage.

    Brayden Krigner

    @TradingKid1998 he’ll get better hopefully

    Me Myself, and I

    Prayers for injured Lions🙏

Gabriel Cleene

This was a shockingly fun game to watch!

    shas wards

    Best 1st half that I’ve season all preseason.

    Brandon Bauer

    @Andrew Taylor dude i know, im just thinkin SOL. I was starting to get excited for the season

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    It was a fun one. Maybe it’s just me but I find every game is fun to watch.

    Gabriel Cleene

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion Me too! I always get hyped when I see a first down from another team

Escocivo 30

Ik it’s preseason but I’m impressed by Matt Barkley. He improved so much when he went to Buffalo after being awful in Philly and Chicago.

    Austin Louis

    you’re right, it is preseason

    Brandon Maruszczak

    Me too man I agree with you buddy

    Rick Griffin

    I know I was saying that same thing

    Rick Griffin

    @TheOmiester Tyree Jackson from Buffalo University

    Rick Griffin

    @earl rainey yeah I think he should have stayed too. He’s got a big arm like Allen


Bills have pretty good depth at RB with Shady McCoy, Frank Gore, TJ Yeldon, Devin Singletary, and Christian Wade.

    Cannabis Vegas

    Escocivo 30 bills will never make the play offs this season. Other teams are way too strong

    I Smell Fake News

    Matt like i said, no receivers. Beasley is their best which is just trash

    bigO_ tk

    The browns do as well

    General Pendant

    @AGK927 unless your talking about how Barkley should start game 1 then I dont want to hear it


    @MeMeBigBoi thanks dude


These roughing the passer calls have been absolutely ridiculous.

    John Boehmer

    The amazing thing is that after this play the refs had an opportunity at a makeup call when Stafford got pushed much harder after he had released the ball, and it was a no-call.

    Google Rapes

    @John Boehmer The Bills rusher didn’t take 2 1/2 steps after the ball was gone like the Lions rusher did. Regardless they probably won’t be making that call in the regular season anyway.

    John Boehmer

    @Google Rapes , you’re right, they won’t be making that call again(hopefully), because it’s an insanely ridiculous call. Insanely ridiculous calls don’t get made very often. Look at it again, it’s one step and a tap. The Stafford hit was one step and a blow up. I probably wouldn’t have called the Stafford hit either, but like I said, it was an apt thing to do to make up for the other one. Please don’t try to defend this…


    I don’t like this comment. 15 yard penalty. Automatic first down.

    Google Rapes

    @JOSH LUKAS Jewtube handles communist censorship.


Every time someone makes a mistake all I can think to myself is “cut”.

    Tyler Donitzen

    So that means Josh Allen is cut

    White Ninja

    Isn’t THAT the point of pre-season?



    e mail

    JCB when the falcons had 2 fumbled punt returns


    but then the bills would have no team

Ka Kjj

Matt Barkley looked great

    M Realzola

    @Fox04232002 _ Allen doesn’t have a future in the league.

    Fox04232002 _

    @DarthRaider no one, the jon was from the other person’s name, I just said Allen

    Fox04232002 _

    @M Realzola yea, he does

Matthew's Garden

Softest roughing the passer call EVER

    Anthony Faiola 9

    Matthew’s Garden. But he barely even hit him. It wasn’t like the play was over and he tackled Brady. He barely touched his head. And it crossed 15 yds

    Jon Newton

    He didn’t need to hit him. It was unnecessary, so it’s gonna get called regardless.

    Matthew's Garden

    @Jon Newton You call that a hit?! 😆😂

    Brandon Ohara

    Yeah it was soft no doubt about it, but the refs don’t even want to see you put your hands on them and extend out with your hands that long after the ball has already been thrown. I know it’s soft but it’s the rules 😔


Christian Wade didn’t even play. 😤😤😤

    Bills Mafia

    BuffaloMafia716 he’s too raw

    Bills Mafia

    BuffaloMafia716 he’ll get a lot of time next week with backups

    Crucified XBlaze

    BuffaloMafia716 he not ready but he got a lot of potential very good player

    earl rainey

    Crucified XBlaze gonna be on practice squad for sure

    Rick Griffin

    He will play next week


McCoy is lookin great!

    Spencer Kurse

    almost at mid season form

    Dennis Madigan

    He just needs to run the route instead of juking all the time.


    Cause hes against a 3rd string Detroit defense.


As a Longtime Eagles Fan so painful to Watch MCcoy stil with the bills, Stil has it for a 30+ yr old runner.. CHip Kelly .. Kick Rocks!!!

    MLP Shawn

    but to be fair if Kelly didn’t trade McCoy, Jackson and Maclin then we would’ve never gotten those picks that helped us get the championship. But yeah it does suck to see McCoy with another team, always will be a fan of his! Never will forget his amazing game against the Lions in the snowstorm!

    Jeremy C

    @MLP Shawn Good point. If Chip hadn’t destroyed your team, who knows if you guys ever would have gotten that ring.


    @MLP Shawn He also got rid of Foles.

Mark Newton

That was the weakest roughing the passer call I’ve ever seen

    John Boehmer

    @Escocivo 30 it’s not the refs, it’s the board execs making the rules.

    John Boehmer

    @Evan Zinger , the hit on Stafford was harder, and both contacts were immediately upon the ball being released. It was a great opportunity for the a makeup call, no question if you flag one you flag the other.

Ignacio Melendez

The Bufflulo Bills will always have the Detriot Lions respect

    Gabe Bear Zilla

    How come. IDK why?



    Ignacio Melendez

    @BuffaloMafia716 we’ll see


    @Jaune Arc We (us in buffalo) got 7 feet of snow in 36 hours. The bills stadium was completely covered and it was impossible to shovel out the stadium, let alone the streets. So they postponed the game and the lions offered to let the bills use their stadium.


    @TradingKid1998 at least Josh Allen isn’t a ginger

internal thoughted1

Is it just me or dis shady mccoy get fast as hell

    General Pendant

    It’s the court case !! They will do that to you… Make you want to run from your problems 😂!!

    Dennis Madigan

    No he just ran the route instead of trying to juke someone

    Andrew Colvin

    Not just you. He looked sharp.

    Capt. Hardy

    He lookin like eagles shady mccoy

Almighty Robb

I like our first team D if it wasnt for the linebacker touching bills qb as he fell backwards they wouldn’t have a score imo

RVA RealEst.

Really bad roughing the passer call on that int from Josh Allen 🤦‍♂️

Just Random

I’m a Texans fan but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Josh Allen and the bills

    Brandon Bauer

    Both teams suck. Just like the lions

    General Pendant

    @TradingKid1998 facts


    M Realzola shut up we’re a great team whether you think it or not our guys are good and they love the team they play for and their audience is amazing in fact best in the NFL so whether or not we win a Super Bowl or we go to playoffs the thing that we like as a bills fan is that we have good people and good players round and that like winning the Super Bowl for us

    Just Random

    Josh Allen isn’t garbage he is one of the most mobile quarter back and has one of the strongest arms, he made 18 tds with 1,174 yrds in his rookie year

    Gabe Bear Zilla

    @TradingKid1998 your probally way worst than Allen. So your 🗑

Goy George

Barkley looked great! That drive w Zay Jones was money!!


CJ Anderson is getting shuffled around like the common cold.

    Justin Wadsworth

    Opethian passed around more than Sasha Grey in a gangbang

Andre Parson

Shady McCoy is back and is way better. Cant wait

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