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Josue Tejada

Of course the Jets blow a 16 point lead and spoil the debuts of C.J. Mosley and Le’veon Bell

    Fast Or Flight Racing

    Sam Darnold lost this game missed so many throws that could’ve not only won in the last drive, but put the game away earlier.. Smh and this Colin Cowherds dream QB. He was missing wide open receivers..

    Rob Roux

    @Fast Or Flight Racing Cowherd is a joke. He’s the white Stephen A SMith..
    Jets need to start Luke Falk if they want to beat the Patriots while Brady is still around.

    Fast Or Flight Racing

    @Rob Roux is Luke Faulk good.


    @Worlds first chair with 1k subs nah just thier qb

    Mitchell Robingoat

    Matt your offence only played well late but your defense was great


Jets blew a 16-0 lead.

    Brandon Ohara

    @Wale Ah not really lol jets only got bell and crowder or whatever his name is. They got a good D. And no I’m not a Jets fan I’m a Bills fan. Bills kept the Jets in this game due to them handing the ball back over to the Jets! 2 tough defenses though and a good 2nd half/4th qtr from Buffalo.
    Go Bills!

    Dustin J

    Yes, that happened. Go Bills!


    @Wale Ah I’m a fan of the jets’ new uniforms; and I like and respect Sam Darnold – that’s IT. Yeah, he does need more talent around him – otherwise, he would have had better success…but, of course, the Bills were sacking and hitting him all day, so there you go. “Any other QB”? You mean, like Nathan Peterman, maybe? You might want to reconsider making blanket statements like that, and focus on specifics – it might make you sound less generalistic and bombastic in your claims.

    Jeremy Garcia

    @Jacob Whitfield you sound dumb. Darnold has played way better in his first 14 games with a worse team than Sanchez has with a roster that carried him to the AFC Championship game.

    Neptune Cooper

    that’s not that much of a lead lmao

Raid Pirate

I don’t know which team kept to their identity the most: the Jets or the Browns.

    Jonathan Nelligan

    100% the browns

    Jonathan Nelligan

    @The Law of Divine Oneness ur right they were down basically all game, the Jets MLB Mosley got injured and it went downhill from there, so stfu bum! The Jets keep games close unlike the Browns

    Renaldy Calixte

    Jaguars actually

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The browns. Because they were so hyped only to fall flat on their face once again

Yuigahama Yui

Singletary just leaps off my screen. Feed him more!

    mm 223

    @Lee Watkins well jets surely suck I can tell you that

    mm 223

    @Lee Watkins as I said jets are NOT that good team. Bills also have to prove they are any good. Patriots still win division with ease and I hate the Patriots

    Lee Watkins

    @mm 223 I completely agree

    mm 223

    @Prestige Shogun nah Jets suck Bills aren’t much better except on defense. Your defense is 1 guy. Saying the Jets will be in the playoffs is like saying the 2006 Rangers were better than the 2006 Sabres or Senators when they weren’t. Granted they gave Sabres a hard time but the Sabres underestimated them and thought it would be a cakewalk, which it should have been, after game 2

    Nik Name

    @Bear 7453 atleast comeback to see all the roasts about you lol.


Bears we have the biggest kicker problem in the NFL
Jets hold my beer

    Logan Par

    Bormannator he sucks so bad and it pisses me off. They need to just dump him

    Nicholas Villela

    You must have not seen the Colts game

    Sincere 007

    Bears don’t have that problem no more @Bormannator

    Prince William


    J. NamWEN.

    How bout dem Colts 😂

Aiden why

Lol the jets should just let levon bell kick the fgs

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Love Steelers Actually 1998. Which is still terrible tho. Not a jets fan but I like NFL trivia.

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Love Steelers Pats just beat Steelers and beat Chiefs twice last year. Pats can win in any division.

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Love Steelers Also Steelers beat up on lowly Browns for two free wins every year.

    L3- -37

    @Renaldy Calixte pats beat up on lowly jets, bills, and Dolphins every year.

Truth Official

Now you see the importance of field goal kicking


    Truth Official it wouldn’t have mattered if he made the xp. If they made it the jets wouldn’t have gone for two after the 2nd td

    Truth Official

    @Colton a miss field goal. And extra point. And they lose by 1? It wouldnt have mattered ? Let’s be real

    mm 223

    @Fah Q we have Christie then and we win that Super Bowl and the Belichick defensive gameplan is not in the hall of fame

    Mike H

    Ummm yeah just ask Norway lol

    Babe Root

    Not to mention the extra point. Good grief.

Mike Keller

The announcers found the fact and said that Teams that turn the ball over 4 times on the road lose 99% of the time. Bills did that.. and they still got the W

    Angelo C.

    Nathan Coppini is he a gamer who wins big games?

    Laszlo Nemeth

    you have to play against a team that makes only 6 points in the half they made 4 takeaways.


    @pa. encema that wasn’t enough of a challenge for the bills they had to throw in a safety in there for the cherry on top

    pa. encema

    @spin0481 😅🤣😂 and they still lost. Only My Jets 🙄


    @Chazz Treat they lose time after time


No one circles the wagons…….like the Buffalo Bills!

    Patchy The Pirate

    Adam Ross hard to say that after your team blew a 16-0 lead buddy.

    Jose Zuniga

    @Adam Ross only cowards live on the past

    Adam Ross

    @Jose Zuniga 😂 says the guy who got tweaked by a week old comment


    @Adam Ross No one has ever been to 4 straight besides us. From 1988-1999 the only team that one more games then us was San Francisco. We were am elite team. What were the Jets back then.. …? Go ahead….I’ll wait….

Jared GOAT

Only the Jets can lose a game with 4 turnovers


    At Home lmao

    Norman Alvarez

    I’m 58 years old jet fan all my life I seen it a 100 times

    Norman Alvarez

    @Jf77 And lose 4 super bowls !!!!!

    Bowser With tits

    Jared GOAT browns done it last season with a tie

    Edrei Gonzalez

    Packers vs seahawks


Jets fans… have my permission to cry. Lol

An angry Jets Fan

Ladies and gentleman, the New York Jets just showed you how to blow a 16 point lead

    thelma callaghan

    @JAyy B o.o

    thelma callaghan

    Lab and I don’t think it is

    JAyy B

    thelma callaghan what Thelma?

    Gregory McEwan

    Allen showed a lot of poise tho gat some things to clean up but good start and feed singletary he looks special

Chris Beckham

Ugly game by Josh Allen but he stepped up at the end in a hostile environment.

    Damon Brown

    Yeah I was pretty awful this game until the 4th quarter. He’s lucky he didn’t have five turnovers but the ref saved us on one of them.

    Michael Wheater

    Ya josh was playing well. I think they suffered from bad play calling. They only passed for the first half of the game. Singletary didn’t get a touch till the second half of the game… and he was supposed to be the starting runningback

    John Downs

    It’ll be a miracle if Allen makes it through the entire season running the ball that much. Guys are going to be head-hunting for him.

    Platinum Seraph

    He played well!


    Ben Ingram Music i think they were his fault and I’m a huge Josh Allen and Bills fan. He needs to develop some touch on the ball. If you’re throwing 60 mph ball low, there’s a good chance it’s going to be deflected. Can put some of that on Beasley, but ultimately, him throwing so hard isn’t necessarily a good thing in all situations.

Joshgames 1720

How did the Bills steal this game? They had 4 turnovers on the road..(I’m a Bills fan though so it works out) 👍


    Cuz our D is elite & complete shutdown the Jets “electric” offense

    Leonel Lomas

    Our defense and Josh Allen’s composure. Even though this game was sloppy in the first half once the offense gets in sync and gives Allen a little more time he’s a dangerous threat with his strong arm and feet. The Bills definitely took the right QB in last years draft. Darnold will be good as well. We all know that Baker Mayfield is gonna start being contained once they figure him out like Tennessee did.

    M Huh

    Defense. Also that Allen started playing more intelligently in the second half. Buffalo actually adapted their play calling.

    BFLO BuDHa

    Jets had 2 lucky picks, Bills had 5 blocked passes not 1 lucky bounce!

    Jonathan Nelligan

    Mosley went out and there D fence gave up, but if Mosley didn’t get injured u guys wouldn’t have won


Singletary transformed and his name is now Doubletary.


    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Laughing my head off!!!!!! Can I use that??


    @dantaniondb of course bud 😁.


    It’s bout to be Tripletary this Sunday 😈


    He’s a pokemon?

Louis DiCenso



    @YeLa Kennels Yeah he’s an injury waiting to happen if he doesn’t change his ways, but he’s young he’ll probably learn the hard way.

    YeLa Kennels

    @SLICENSLASH I hate to say it but you’re right, but I pray nothing happens to him.


    YeLa Kennels josh Allen isn’t soft he doesn’t need to slide

    YeLa Kennels

    @Colton I agree he super tough I noticed that last year about him, but would you agree he shouldn’t slide head first shits dangerous bro. GO BILLS!!!

    Mandalorian Legion

    SLICENSLASH the best case scenario for that would be a Cam Newton like situation. Cam doesn’t slide much but since his body is so huge he can absorb a ton of hits without much effect. Of course after several years the wear and tear will make its mark but Allen isn’t a rg3 or Lamar Jackson body he’s built like a tank. I hope he does change but if he doesn’t I don’t think it will matter till 5 years down the road.

Blablabla Blabittybla

Could be that the Jets are good, but the Bills D is off the charts this season.
We’ll see next week.


    Next week? A team that lost by 18 to the Cowboys.

Michael O’Brien

Leveon bell: 23 touches for 92 yards
Little guy from Florida Atlantic: 9 touches for 98 yards.

    Blade BlazerLazer

    Future star. Just use Gore as his mentor and backup

    mm 223

    Little guy might just be the next Thurman Thomas. We’ll see

    Michael O’Brien

    mm 223 let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves here champ

Scott Woodley

Bills defense are the real stars of the game..bills had 4 to’s only allowing 8pts off of them.once again the defense gets no credit.


    They only allowed 6 points, safety isnt the defenses fault. (And I may be biased, but that wasnt a god damm safety, ball shoulda been at the half yard line).

    Scott Woodley

    Facts..that wasn’t a safety bs call against the bills


Bills are like we’re playing the the Jets, we can spot them four turnovers and a safety and still win.

    Jeremy Portuhondo

    They literally lost the anchor of their defense in C.J Mosley and there first round pick during the game…. calm down guys.


    Jeremy Portuhondo the same first round pick that Jets fans didn’t even know was playing because he did so little?

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