Bills Tonight: Breaking Down the Bills’ Win Over the Titans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zao Medong

Yeah Freddie!

John Marlow

That’s all we are asking stay hungry and humble, 1-11

Martin Bradstreet

Great win!!! The defense is clearly an elite unit – thank you to the entire defense, first and foremost!!!!!

Ed Weird

Can’t the NFL afford to provide microphones to the reporters? We fans have been saying this for YEARS! PLEASE GET MICROPHONES!

    Dave Gray

    I’ve never thought it but you’re absolutely right

Nick Lepsch

How bout that defense!!?…this coach and staff including Beane have brought winning back to the Buff…I haven’t had the feeling of being in every game for a looonnggg time…let’s keep this going…get healthy stay hungry boys!,’s gonna be a long two weeks for me personally…can’t wait…Go Bills

Scott Morgan

Really nice to hear Coach give the Glory to God !!!!!!!

    Thomas Luczak

    u r a clown scott.

    Bill Perez

    A big AMEN to that Scott

Randy Johnson

The defense and the titans kicker won the game for the Bills. The offense needs to put up points to win the rest of these games. We need to get points 3 or 6 when we get on the other side of the 50 yard line. At the end of the day the team with the most points win. No one should be content with that performance.

    Keith Carter

    Yea I think if they would have made those field goals we would have lost. If Allen didn’t throw a int it wouldn’t have mattered


Duke seems decent hes slow compared to other wrs
He looks like a TE but i guess he can play TE and WR


    he’s definitely not fast. He’s about 4.7. Evan Engram can run a 4.4. He does have a big body & it looks like he’s a decent route runner that knows how to use his body. I could see him as a a pass-catching TE. I can also see him lining up in the slot a lot. Beasley is just 5’8” while Duke is 6’2”. There are plenty of situations (like his red zone TD yesterday) where that extra size can be used. I doubt he’ll ever be an outside WR, but he has a role to play.


Was at the game had a blast awesome time!

Jack Patrick

A line drive and a bloop single look the same in the books

Bill Garrison

Your sound is screwed up. Only coming out right ear


My right ear enjoyed this video…

    Darien Chandler

    lmao yo i switched between like 3 pairs of headphones because i though they were shorted

    Ben Farwell

    Ha! I was only listening with my left head phone in and couldn’t figure out the problem!

    Ryck Rarick

    I thought my surround sound was broken. I started checking all my wires and then changed to the radio and realized it was this video.

Jeff Mullen

I have to hand it to these people. In all those interviews, they never even once made any attempt to disrespect the Titans’ field goal kicker, who left enough points sitting on the field to swing the game.

Classy move.

Jeff Mullen

And no one pointed out the smart decision that Josh Allen made on that 5–yard run. Late in the fourth quarter, with a lead, he STAYED IN BOUNDS.


Bills Fan since 89, have never been more proud of this team and fan base. Enjoy the bye week folks. Viva Los Bills!!!

Bob Knickers

you guys NEED to clean up the audio on your videos. reporters sounds quiet, headphones not supported, smh

Steven J. Trump 2020

The Buffalo Bills have become a very exciting football team to watch.

Cristobal Sostre

They are a threat period.
Bills just need one thing know they can do it

South Nashville

I can “break down it down” for *EVERYONE* Titans missed field goals! #Facts #TitanUp

Sonya Capotblanc

Bills all the way to super bowl

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