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Bills Prepare for Week 3 Home Opener

Buffalo Bills addressed the media in preparation for week 3's home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Inside the Locker Room presented by Gatorade.

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Lets go 3-0!!! And god I hope you guys beat the pats cause I’m going to that game

    Justin Geary

    Me too all the way from california ha

The Way

Call up DUKE.

Obviously Krofts injury is a liability. We need that big body red zone threat..


    The Way fr we do


The bills will be a wild card team

    joe smith

    F tht. Win the division

Billy The Buffalo

Go Bills 😃

Stosh 64

I love this team. You can see McDermott’s mind set has really been ingrained in the players.
They are all confident yet humble. Lots of talent yet very coachable. Always willing to learn from mistakes and always have the goal of getting better. The WHOLE team, from Allen to Bojorquez.
Thank you Terry and Kim for finding the right leadership for our Bills!!

Nomo Screen

I believe back in 2011 Buffalo was 5-1 with a patriots win included….and buffalo still missed the playoffs…..can’t get to hyped yet

    Zachary Madden

    It was 5-2….with one of the losses actually coming to the Bengals (in a game they were dominating the 1st half). I remember because that is when Fitzmagic was our starter, and we gave him an insane contract (midseason) after the great start, something around 5 or 6 years and 50 or 60 million LOL. From teh point the ink dried on his contract, everything went downhill the rest of the way and we finished 6-10. It’s reasons like that the last 25 years, that I never get to hyped up….though it is nice to be excited about our present/future and have a great group of guys who actually want to play for Buffalo. LETS GO BILLS!

    Derrick Robinson

    @Zachary Madden I think that team was getting a lot of turnovers and when we didn’t get the turnovers that’s when it went downhill

    Nomo Screen

    @Zachary Madden yeah i knew it was somthing like that……buffalo came off that big new england win then lost to the bangles……you’re right

Charles Summers

Cole!! We love u!!

Cameron Briglin

Lets be a tough team to beat in Buffalo this year and many more years to come


CAN’T wait, gonna be a great game, just wish I could make it and a take my Son, real bad times right now, My #billsmafia are my escape


This is def my fav bills team these guys seem like family and it’s genuine I’m happy we didn’t go after any big names



Chad Graziano

Let’s get a home win for Poncho and his family!

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