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Bill Tooke

Let’s go Bills!

Nolan Rhodes

Yeeeesssssss!!! Josh is playing Sunday if he is out there today! Lets GOOOOOOOO!!! Go Bills


    not true, dont get your hopes up, concussions can last awhile, they affect everyone differently

Poji 222

GO BILLS!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈👏

David Jones

Has Josh spoken to the media since that hit on Sunday?


    He won’t while he’s in the protocol I believe.


    David No, it’s more secretive than the Manhattan Project or Operation Paperclip

Annie Cimon

Take it easy Josh. Don’t overdo it bud. After a concussion like that is a bit quick to get him out there. But let’s hope all is good with him. Let’s Go Bills!!

Paul C Bentley

Stay healthy Go Bills

Kyle Gentner

Really would prefer him to miss the Titans and take an L (if it has to happen), then risk him getting another head injury.

    Z D

    Barkley isn’t a scrub. I think we will be okay for this game! Tenn has like the 27th ranked offense, so our defense should eat them up 🙂


    Kyle I have some sympathy for your thought-a loss is insignificant compared to the long term health of Allen + with a bye week coming up, he’d be given a large time frame in which to regroup not just from the hit, but also the trouncing the team(and he) absorbed. Either way, it’ll be a tough game-the Titans are no scrubs.

True That Boxing

They should sit Allen this week, just let Matt Barkley play this week. The bye week is next week then the Dolphins at home would be after the Bye. Josh Allen should return for the Dolphins game after the bye.


    True I’m with it.

Crash 5485

Sunday we put the whole NFL on notice. We are the real deal and Dawson Knox needs 6 targets a game.


    Crash …at least!

Sonya Capotblanc

Sunday. Ganna be a fun. Day
Go Bills 🏈
Like I said going all the way.
I know it ..I see it. I love it…

_ dave

concussions are cumulative and they come back to haunt you in later life. be careful running the ball Josh…
Get well Josh!!! Go Bills!

Ish Will

Zay Jones needs to fight for the ball he literally couldve prevented two of those ints last week


    Ish …and Brown might have been able to rake the first int out of McCourty’s hands had he thought “”play DB”” and tried to swipe it out.
    This should be a drill the receivers engage in each day in practice; not unlike how the DBs practice raking out the ball when engaged with a ball carrier/receiver.

    charlie Walsh

    Don’t blame zay , that’s not the first time I heard that Allen needs to play much better he played scared & sloppy all day long.

    Ish Will

    @charlie Walsh Zay still didnt help him out at all no fight in him. You ever hear of the saying a bad pass is made for a better catch?

Claire Shields

I don’t think rushing concussion recovery is a wise thing to do..Hopefully Josh isn’t put in the game if he isn’t fully recovered and ready. No more hard hits like that one, simply can’t afford it.

charlie Walsh

That is classic football weather! What the bills need now is real grass .

James Jacobsen

full back middle line backer, heck just give the ball to Tremaine. William the Perry fridge.


ST has been awful. Bojoquez and last week’s playcalling on that TD punt block

View Tube

I didnt like that “offsetting penalty” nonsense. On something like that there should be an override. Blatent hit. That player should have been ejected.

    Nate Raymond

    No the refs made the right call keeping him in the game. It was a legal hit. This was Allen’s fault. He dove head first. The defender tried turning his body to hit Josh but Josh dove forward which lead to him getting hit in the head. It was an accident.

    View Tube

    @Nate Raymond the only thing is he was already contained by first player. Second player comes in to finish him off. Its a qb not a rb.. legal hits do not draw a penalty flag…i watched jones hit him up top with helmet….not grasp…

    Nate Raymond

    View Tube he tried turning his body you can clearly see that. This was Allen’s fault. He shouldn’t have dove. I can see why they threw a flag cause any hit to the helmet is a flag. But the way he hit him shouldn’t result in an ejection.

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