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Eugene Poon

Is that Harry walking on the practice field? Thought he’d be on crutches


See, that’s the problem… YES, this game absolutely defines the season! You can’t be the man, until you beat the man. Period! The Patriots are our Daddy. If you can’t beat them, at home, with one of your better teams in recent memory, you’re not going anywhere! YES! Absolutely! This defines your season!

    heck cee

    @billsfan7883 it happened in 2011


    heck cee So once, 8 seasons ago… with a different owner, GM, coaching staff… different 53 players… Brady is 30-3 against this team… but hey. “We can make the playoffs…”


    billsfan7883 you want to win a Super Bowl ? Yea so do I . But that’s at the end of the year. It’s week 4 my guy lmao


    Nate You think you can win a Super Bowl, without going through the Patriots? I know it’s not the end all be all. A week 4 game. But to act like this is “just another game” is just false. I’m not the foolish one, if you think like that. Using words like “c’mon man” & “my guy” doesn’t matter… teams DO NOT win a Super Bowl without going through the Patriots.


    billsfan7883 who says when we do get to the playoffs the pats are even there ? That playoff game will define our season , not week 4 . Cmon man !!!! Lmao

Ike James

Jordan Phillips can be more then serviceable! Ed has to step up! Its go time….

    Nate Raymond

    Ed is tied 4th in the league for qb pressures. I get he isn’t getting sacks but there’s more to it than that. If we can simply pressure Brady and force him to make bad throws then we will be fine.

    Ike James

    @Nate Raymond good stat. Didnt know that!!! Gota take em down sunday though!!!


No Dumb Penalties, No Turnovers, HOME CROWD!!!!!!!!! BILLS 27-24!

    UFO 51

    Nah Bills 41 Pats 3

James Jacobsen

this is the litmus test,


Praying for Harrison, breaks my heart. He is a wonderful person. Let’s get this one for 99

Joe Schmoe

Man,I was hoping Singletary was at least going to be limited today. I don’t trust Yeldon.

    Ike James

    Game time decision to not show they hand. Hes gonna play bro watch!

    Joe Schmoe

    @Ike James Yea,I get all that,but,a hammy is a tricky injury. IF he isn’t practicing tomorrow,I doubt he plays. I hope I’m


The Stampede is coming.

MRE Obax

Even if we loose and it a good close game I’m happy

charlie Walsh

Question, is singletary out for Sunday for sure?

J Barkley

Their defense is playing lights out. All the better when Josh and our boys move the ball on them and score. It will say a lot of great things about our offense. Our O has had to face our D in OTAs, training camp and throughout practice week during the season!

BillsMafia87 ny

I cannot emphasize how excited I am for this game against the Patriots. I hope we can finally prove all the doubters wrong!

Nate Raymond

If we can get pressure on Brady and force him to either take a sack or make a bad throw we will be just fine. Ed Oliver is tied 4th in the league for qb pressures. Expect him to have a good game. And offensively we just need to limit these boneheaded plays and move the chains. If we play the way we did last week this week then we will lose. Personally I’m not gonna watch this game expecting us to win. I’d love to see us beat the pats. What I’m looking for is to see if we can keep it competitive. If we can stay in this game then I will be happy.

Zeus Mob

I don’t believe it defines is, but it will definitely put our team to the test as far as communication on the offense and definitive skill on our defense. I know we will put up a heck of a fight, I hope we don’t cough up the ball at all and manage to take it away a couple times. If our secondary can manage a couple interceptions, Josh, Frank and John capitalize with points on the board then I think that will make the difference between winning and losing! #let’sgoBuffalo #billsmafia

bryan hodges

The Patriots don’t take the third quarter off. Their defense is on pace to be one of the best ever. Not a good formula for our Bills.

Joseph Diminuco

We need Singletary in this game to win. Period.


We just need to keep up with their scoring and try to keep the ball out of Brady hands in my opinion. Has to be a mistake free game.

2004 ALCS

Gotta be able to run the football in the game. Rush for less than 100 lose by 3 scores.

C. Louison

Pressure Brady, trust our DB’s, run the ball and Josh must no when to just throw it away. Bills 30-24

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