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eric church

Go bills!!!

    charlie Walsh

    Why did McDermott burn 3 time outs and walk off the field with 22 seconds left on the clock at the end of the first half and we just took over on downs knowing we weren’t getting the ball in the second half trailing 6-0 some one help me and why is no one asking the question this needs to be addressed .

charlie Walsh

33 was awful I hope they address his performance everyone is forgetting because we won the giants are going to eat 33 alive!

    Cam Jackson's football page

    No he wasn’t. 🤣😂

    charlie Walsh

    @Cam Jackson’s football page Yes he was look at the tape your dreaming , end of discussion.

creezbee 843

I want Chris Brown’s job.


get duke in for roberts

    True That Boxing

    Roberts is the kick off return guy. I don’t think Duke can do that.

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